4 care tips for healthy skin in summer

Aloha, summer time has arrived! And with it a whole range of skin care problems. Oily skin becomes oily and dry skin stains. There are more pimples, rashes and rough skin areas. How do you get this under control again and can radiate through the summer.

Here are a few useful tips for summer skin care:

Tip 1: Mild cleansing & luke warm showers

It’s hot, we’re sweating! In summer we come in contact with water more often; daily cleaning in the shower, a jump into the water, a cold shower after sports. A refreshment for us, a strain for our skin.

The skin surface is coated with a protective film, the acid mantle, also called hydro-lipid mantle. It consists of the skin’s own fats and water. Together with auxiliary substances provided by the skin, it thus retains its moisture. If we clean ourselves several times a day, we also wash away the protective acid mantle. The result: exciting and dry skin. The good thing about it is that it can easily be avoided:

  • Shower lukewarm or cold
  • Use shower gel only in the most necessary places and not over the entire surface.
  • No need for aggressive washing lotions
  • After a jump into the sea (salt!) take a shower with fresh water.

Only in the evening you can’t avoid a dry cleaner. Because it is important that you then wash off the sun cream residues thoroughly.

Tip 2: Shaving, waxing & Co. – peelings thank you

Shavers, Sugaring, Brazilian Waxing & Co. are very popular especially in summer. A tedious side effect: ingrown hair.

But this does not have to be! With regular body peelings this problem solves itself. Furthermore, a peeling also promotes the blood circulation of your skin and with the rich oils cares for rough skin areas again silky smooth.

Tip 3: Drink a lot and eat water-rich food

While the sun provides us with vitamin D, too much sun can also dry out the skin. It helps if we drink a lot and eat watery, deeply coloured foods. This provides our skin with moisture from the inside and at the same time improves the skin’s natural defences against sun damage.

Red or orange fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, apricots or berries are rich in lycopene, which is important for the natural protection of the skin from within. Lycopene has powerful antioxidant properties and increases the skin’s ability to protect itself from free radical damage. Melons work wonders in rebuilding moisture in the skin. With their high concentration of water, they provide a radiant complexion. Everything with dark green tones such as broccoli or spinach provides our body with moisture and minerals. These support the skin’s ability to protect itself and counteract the damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

You see, summer care from the inside and outside is quite simple: treat yourself to a delicious fruit salad, press an orange or lemon into your water and snack tasty berries in between. Bon appétit!

Tip 4: Moisture after sunbathing

Especially in summer, when we are in the sun a lot, moisturizing is very important. This is the only way for our skin to regenerate overnight. I recommend Aloe Vera Gel, cold-pressed vegetable oils, vegetable butter or fresh self-melted cosmetics for your skin care in summer. Sea buckthorn is my absolute favorite to stir into a mixture. I advise against conventional body lotions that contain water. Since water contains germs and bacteria, emulsifiers and preservatives must always be added to such mixtures. And we would rather do without them.

Application oils and butter:

Apply to damp skin after showering. Why on damp skin? The skin naturally consists of fat and water and therefore needs both for optimal absorption of the ingredients. In addition, the oils absorb better and the moisture can be stored for a long time. It is therefore MUST to work the water into the care.

You see, it couldn’t be easier and cleaner. All you need is high-quality oil/ butter and fresh Swiss tap water. For an extra portion of moisture you can also apply Aloe Vera Gel under the oil/ butter. Our favourite for summer care is Shea Body Butter BLESSING with its valuable sea buckthorn additive.

Happy summertime & enjoy!

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