Shea butter for curly & wavy hair

When it comes to the right care for curly and wavy hair, the spirits divide. What is the best hair care? There is no conclusive answer, rather all kinds of recommendations circulate what these hairtypes needs in terms of care.

The secret of smooth curls is moisture, which is sealed by an oil or butter. So the daily care with shea butter or a mix of shea butter and your favorite oil as leave-in conditioner on the moistened hair apply can do the hair quite good. But this is not conclusive, it is a big topic and much discussed.

These experts provide great information on the topic

Good addresses in Switzerland

Hairexperts for natural wavy, curly and kinky hair, Zürich

Baobab Haar
Naturcoiffure, Biel

Isaac the Barber
Afro Barbershop, Zürich (man only)

If you know any good adress or have any tips, let me know!

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Hanna & Tina from Curlish
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