Beauty secrets & the power of thoughts

Shea yeah in conversation with Manuela Leonhard on the subject of natural beauty & love for Zurich

How did you come to share your love for Zurich with the world every day?

Everything started with my Linkedin profile. As my work as personal assistant to the Mayor of Zurich is strictly confidential, I began to share pictures of my way to work (Manuela’s way to work is beautiful, along the river “Limmat” and the old town). There were more and more reactions to the content and the request for more. From this my Instagram account “zurich_is_beautiful” was created.

What do you like most about Zurich?

The quality of work and life is extremely high. Zurich has something very village-like about it, hardly a day goes by without me running into someone. This gives me a stronger feeling of being at home here. (bright smile)

We both have a connection to Zurich’s old town. With me it was the first shea yeah mini production site that i set up here. What is your story with the old town?

My life in Zurich started 35 years ago in the old town when I met my then future and now ex-husband. First we lived at the “Rindermarkt” in the middle of the old town, then at the “Limmatquai” where we ran a hotel. With the birth of our 4th child we moved to the “Zähringerplatz”. I lived 26 years in the old town and felt very much at home.

Is there a favourite place in the old town that is a “must” for a visit?

Strolling through the alleys and back alleys. I still do this a lot today. However, often for photographic purposes, but there is still a pleasant feeling of home.

Now we go from the beauty of Zurich to the term beauty as it is used in the cosmetics industry. Often used very differently, I would like to know from you what “beauty” means to you?

It means for me to be at peace with myself. Because then inner beauty makes you shine.

You are a woman with a strikingly beautiful charisma. In the beauty world one would call this the “natural glow”. Is there a secret that you like to share with other women?

Every evening before I go to bed, I look back on my day. My last thought is a positive one and so it is my first in the morning. Our thoughts are powerful and have a great influence on our well-being and on our outward appearance. There are things in life that don’t work the way you want them to. It is important to accept this as well as possible. It is also important to forgive others as well as yourself that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

We learn a lot in the course of life and I think that I owe my “natural Glow” to my life experience. Even if it wasn’t always easy, I encounter life in a positive way. A positive basic attitude, honesty and self-reflection towards one’s own actions are certainly points that make you shine.

In addition to a positive attitude in general and a healthy lifestyle, a caring routine also helps to create a beautiful glow.

Do you have patience in the bathroom or do you have to be quick?

(Laughs) I like to take my time in the bathroom. Since I was 12 years old, I have had a bathroom ritual every weekend. Even with 4 kids at home I continued this ritual. It was my time. My break. A moment in which it was only about me. I then do a body peeling – without which I cannot be -, a face mask, hair mask or repaint my nails.

I also always make myself up, even for everyday things. I do it for myself because it belongs to me and gives me a good feeling.

Which product from shea yeah suits you best?

The pink body scrub of course. (she answered that within half a second :-)).

Is there a product that you want from shea yeah, one that is missing at the moment?

Something for the face would be great. But I think it’s good that it’s a small selected assortment. Too much selection can be too much to ask for.

As a final question: If not Zurich, what would be your 2nd choice of residence?

Another cosmopolitan city.

Interview 14.6.19, Zurich old town

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