DIY natural cosmetics with shea butter

DIY = Do it yourself

It is noticeable that the need for a sustainable and holistic lifestyle is increasing. This also includes skin care, which is increasingly moving towards “green”, “ethical” and “clean” beauty. Home-made natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular.

There are many good reasons to produce your own body care products: Those who produce themselves know exactly what is contained in the products, save packaging #lesswaste and money and can live out their creativity. And yes, after all it is nice to know what you put on your body 🙂

If you plan to set up a small (or bigger) mixing kitchen, shea butter is one of the raw materials that should not be missing in the inventory. You will see, with shea butter wonderful cosmetic creations can be made. From very simple recipes to more complex mixtures.

Enjoy our high quality natural shea butter from the north of Ghana. It is ideal for DIY.

If you manufacture cosmetic products for your own use, there are some basic rules you should follow (yes, even if it’s “only” for your own use).

Basic rules for the production of natural cosmetics for your own use:

  • Producing small quantities
  • Sterilize the work surface, tools and pots (boil or spray with 70% alcohol and wipe off).
  • Disinfect hands or wear gloves
  • Wear mouthguard
  • Always work clean (mise en place is recommended)
  • Get your hands off me! Always use a spoon, knife or spatula.

There are a few points to keep in mind when handling natural shea butter:

  • Always melt slowly and gently (otherwise the great ingredients are lost)
  • Never melt on direct fire but in a water bath
  • Always wipe the containers with paper before they get into the washing machine or sink (believe me, giant mess because it is so greasy – I speak from experience in my early days :-))

Instructions on how to melt shea butter:

Mise en place: pan forwater bath, a bowl to melt the butter.

Step 1: Prepare the shea butter and warm the water.
Step 4: Wait until the shea butter melts, stir from time to time.
Step 5: Wait until the shea butter is completely melted.
Step 2: Melt the shea butter in a water bath and gently. Take care that no water gets into the butter.
Step 3: Stir from time to time, wait until the butter melts.
Step 6: Put the melted shea butter in a bowl (so that it is not warm) and stir until it becomes a little harder.
Step 7: If the shea butter has this consistency (like mayonnaise) then it is good and can be canned.

Have fun stirring your DIY Natural Cosmetics

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