Adapted skin care in winter

Our skin in winter

In winter the skin is generally drier. This is due to the fact that our natural fat production is reduced or even stopped. In short: We have two natural sources of skin fat, the barrier fats of the horny layer and the sebum from our sebaceous glands. Sebum behaves similar to butter, i.e. when it is warm it is soft and spreadable. Then the sebum glides out of the pores drop by drop and spreads over our skin. If it is cool or cold, the sebum is hard. Accordingly, it spreads much worse or not at all on our skin. This is the reason why our skin is dry in winter and why we should give it additional fat.

In winter, anhydrous products are also highly recommended. In freezing cold, the application of a moisturizing cream can lead to frostbite if the cream has a high water content. Provided you leave the warm house and are outdoors ๐Ÿ™‚

Fat cream as cold protection

Not only in our latitudes fat creams like shea butter are a valuable protection against the weather. When the dry season comes in northern Ghana, the air is extremely dry and a sandy, hot wind sweeps over the landscape. The lips tear bloody, the skin tightens and the scalp itches. Shea butter has been a remedy for this since time immemorial. It is a successful protection against wind and sun. Since it not only protects against wind and sun, but also against cold, it has also gained popularity in the northern latitudes.

Once shea butter or Beauty Balm FAITH has been applied thinly every day*, the skin feels pleasantly soft, cared for and protected all day long. Zones that are particularly exposed to the weather, such as the face, are protected by shea butter. Cold protection with shea butter products is highly recommended if you are outdoors a lot in winter or if you tend to telangiectasia or severe redness due to the weather.

Compared to conventional cold protection creams, we do not use paraffin (often referred to as Vaseline). Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum processing and stretches like a film over the skin, making it pleasantly soft. However, it disturbs the body’s own regulatory mechanism and blocks the pores. Shea butter, on the other hand, lets the pores breathe and also penetrates deep into the skin and cares for it at the same time.

And now have fun freezing ๐Ÿ™‚

*as always with oils/balms, apply to damp skin

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