Holiday Sparkle with Karma glitter

The holidays are approaching and suddenly not only are unreasonable meals suddenly to be accepted (mulled wine and Christmas cookies are a perfectly legitimate breakfast as long as one of Michael Buble’s Christmas CDs is playing), but also the desire for glitter and sparkle overcomes you.

Clothing, decoration and accessories shimmer festively and provide that extra portion of glamour that makes this time so special. I personally prefer to wear my glitter as part of my make-up. However, this is not entirely unproblematic, as conventional glitter products are made of non-degradable plastic. This micro-plastic usually ends up untouched in the water, where it does not belong and can cause considerable damage to people and the environment. But there is good news: Fortunately, there are now great brands that are dedicated to environmentally friendly extravagance and produce biodegradable glitter. One of them is Karmaglitzer. Lara Leuthold and Joyce Gubler use eucalyptus cellulose for it and the result is impressive: Not only does it sparkle beautifully, but it also has added value for karma, since 50 centimes of every bottle sold goes to The Ocean Cleanup organization. Sustainable glamour for a clear conscience? Count me in! Since I can hardly wait for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I have already tried out my make-up looks and naturally turned to Karmaglitzer. I find the colours red and gold particularly Christmassy. I used our pure shea butter «Mother» as the basis for the glitter. Simply apply a small amount of it to the appropriate area, dab Karmaglitzer with your finger until the desired intensity is reached and if necessary powder with loose powder (for a little more durability). Voilà! The glitter lasts and the skin is happy about additional care.

Christmas look number one: The medium particle size is best suited for a more restrained look, as the individual particles can be applied fairly precisely.

For those of us who are a little braver, I would recommend Christmas look number two: Apply the fine red-gold glitter to the entire eyelid, add plenty of mascara and you’re done!

New Year’s Eve is really not the time for restraint, so I used both the medium (for the cheeks) and the fine particle size (for the eyelid) for the last look. With such a sparkle the new year can only start well!

In this spirit I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a sparkling New Year!

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