Tips & Tricks for hand care with shea butter

In these strange and also uncertain times it is all the more important to take good care of yourself. We try our best to stay positive and use this situation productively. Of course, this does not always work out equally well, but ups and downs are part of it – we are all in the same boat.

The beauty of the state of exception is that it can bring about a return to the essentials. For example, I haven’t been in such intensive contact with my friends and family for a long time. Besides, I finally got to know my neighbours 🙂 More spacial distancing, less social distancing is my motto. If everyone continues in such a solidary and responsible way, the world cannot end.

Not only our minds, but also our skin is particularly stressed during this time. All the washing and disinfecting of hands is not without consequences. The cold and dry air from the heater does the rest. So it is time to do something good for our hands.

The fast and efficient hand care with a lovely scent

Specially formulated for the hands

Hand Balm PEACE not only smells incredibly good of lemon verbena, it also cares for the hands quickly and efficiently: the vitamin-rich mixture of high-quality shea butter, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, marigold and squalane is quickly absorbed by the skin. Squalane is a moisturiser and the balm can therefore be applied directly to dry skin. So if you’re in a hurry or you’re on the road: Hand Balm PEACE is yours! If you are at home anyway, I still recommend applying the balm to damp skin after washing your hands.

The original and minimalist hand care

For those who like it original and fragrance-free: pure shea butter MOTHER is yours! Here again: Like all our water-free formulations, it should be applied to damp skin. Because the fat in shea butter needs water to become an emulsion that the skin can absorb. And since we have good tap water at home, it doesn’t have to end up in the product.

I always do it like this: first wash my hands thoroughly. Sing a song if you feel like it. Dry your hands halfway and then rub them thickly with pure shea butter. I especially like to do this in the evening before going to bed, so that everything can settle in nicely.

The luxurious hand care ritual

Would you like a little more luxury? You can have it! The deluxe version would be a hand mask with aloe vera. Simply use a fresh aloe vera plant or aloe vera gel (available in health food shops or pharmacies), apply a layer of pure shea butter or hand balm on top and wrap everything in cotton gloves. Let it work overnight and wake up with velvety soft hands.

A great preparation for these care rituals would be a hand peeling. Of course you can use one of our Body Scrubs for this, but you can also do it yourself. Especially now, when some people may have more time available, such a DIY project can be quite nice. Also great for those who have their children at home! No exotic ingredients are needed either.

Handpflege mit unraffinierter Bio-Sheabutter
Handpflege mit Sheabutter

The DIY hand care with self-made hand peeling

Our shea butter for DIY natural cosmetics is the perfect base for homemade beauty products. For a hand peeling it is simply warmed in a water bath and then mixed with oats and sunflower oil. The dosage varies depending on the desired consistency – we recommend starting with small amounts and experimenting a little. To embellish the peeling, essential oils of your choice or a few drops of food colouring can be added at the end. Pour the finished paste into a sterile, sealable container (maybe you have empty SHEA YEAH cans!) and the homemade peeling is ready! Here you find some more tips for DIY natural cosmetics.

DIY Handpflege mit Sheabutter
Selber Naturkosmetik herstellen mit Sheabutter Handpflege

Rub the end product over your hands with light pressure and rinse with warm water. The oat flakes are gentle, but effectively remove dead skin cells and small hornifications. The shea butter and sunflower oil provide additional care and coat the stressed hands with a protective film.

Take good care of yourself, stay healthy and be kind to your hands.

Lots of Love

Sandra G.

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