Introducing Sandra Nr. 2

Hello my dears,

In spite of the turbulent times, I am happy to announce some great news today. What I have wished for so long, has now come true: I have found a great natural cosmetic expert and sparring partner for SHEA YEAH! I now give her the word so that you can get to know each other. Tadaaaa!

Welcome Sandra Gimmel at SHEA YEAH. Nice to have you here!

I’m so pleased to be here! SHEA YEAH – founder Sandra and I share not only the first name, but also the joy of beautiful natural cosmetics and a slightly worrying passion for peanut butter. These and many more reasons made my decision to join SHEA YEAH very easy.

What am I doing here, you may ask? I am not only, but mainly responsible for all beauty issues. Am I qualified for it, you may ask? As an art historian and freelance make-up artist, I not only have an eye for beauty and goodness, but also know how to apply it. I also enjoy writing about it. You’ll find me here on the website, as well as in the social media with practical tips, pretty pictures and all sorts of joyful things. And otherwise, you ask yourselves? I grew up in Eastern Switzerland, live there too and was born under the zodiac sign of Aries. My taste in music ranges from Disney soundtrack to Black Metal and the morning coffee I drink with oat milk.

By the way, if I had to choose, my favorite SHEA YEAH product would be Mother, the pure shea butter.

I am curious what the future will hold for us and look forward to the new task with joy and motivation.

All my love!

So I have doubled myself and have now become two Sandras 🙂 That’s why I’m super happy because we have a lot of nice things planned with and for you this year. Oh yeah! And we won’t let anything stop us, but continue to spread love, joy & trust.

All love from me too!
Sandra – the other one 🙂

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