Shea butter for pregnancy and baby care

Today is Mother’s Day and we focus on all expectant and new mums. What an exciting time! Within a few months so much changes and you can’t help but be amazed at what the body can do. I myself do not have any children yet, but I have been able to experience several pregnancies in my environment and often just watch in admiration what is being managed.

Even when I look at photos or films from the past, I am simply impressed by how my mother managed it all so seemingly easy with the three of us. And always with so much calm and grace! If I can take only a fraction of it back to my family – if I ever were to have one – I would be grateful.

Shea Yeah shea butter skin care pregnancy babies
Shea Yeah shea butter skin care pregnancy babies

Skin care during pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is a reason to think more about what you put on and in your body. Often the path to natural cosmetics is taken, as natural ingredients feel safer. It is generally recommended to do your body a lot of good during this time. It is a truly beautiful, although extreme situation in which a lot happens both physically and mentally and therefore a lot of attention should be paid to yourself.

The skin, our largest organ, is also put under particular strain during pregnancy. Hormones go crazy and the skin, especially around the belly, becomes tense. This strong stretching can cause cracks in the subcutis, so-called stretch marks. One thing in advance: There is no miracle cure for this. But it can help to keep the skin soft and elastic with regular massages and thus less prone to cracks. Our pure shea butter, appropriately named MOTHER, is particularly suitable for this purpose. It provides intensive moisture, strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and supports collagen production. Simply melt a small amount of MOTHER in the palms of your hands once a day (or more if you like!) and apply to damp skin. Lovingly massage your stomach (or have it massaged!) and enjoy.

Shea Yeah shea butter skin care pregnancy babies
Shea Yeah shea butter skin care pregnancy babies

Baby care

Clean and high-quality ingredients are particularly important for delicate baby skin. Our shea butter is also ideally suited for this, as it cares for and protects the skin and isn’t diluted with any additives such as water or perfume. Dry areas can be cared for with MOTHER, whereby a small amount already goes a long way. For particularly dry skin and neurodermatitis, shea butter can also be added to the bath water. Although this is a somewhat slippery affair, it cares for the skin while it’s being washed, thus preventing it from becoming dry and simultaneously putting a protective film over it.

Of course we recommend to always consult your paediatrician and/or dermatologist.

Have a nice Sunday and do something good for yourself!

Sandra G.

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