3 women speak about self-care during pregnancy

Let these three experiences of pregnancy self-care inspire you. I deliberately call it «self-care», only «care» would not be holistic enough in my opinion. Because many women start to take care of their body and mind on all levels during pregnancy at the latest.

In my environment, I have often been able to experience what it means when a little creature grows up. From the outside, I can only see a small fraction of what it really means. But I imagine it to be extremely intense, beautiful, exciting and impressive. That’s why I’m all the more pleased to give you a personal insight into the «pregnancy self-care» of three women from my circle. Let me introduce you:

Aline Rohner – Silversmith and founder of Aurum Argentum based in Zürich, Switzerland

Amaru Küng – Singer & Songwriter and founder of a Branding Agency, «The Mamas’ Circle» und «African in Zurich» based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Desirée Huber – Yogateacher, kinesiologist, kindergardenteacher and founder of «Yoga Feel Free» in Winterthur, Switzerland

Photo from Aline
Photo from Amarus Instagram
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Tips for healthy care during pregnancy

If you are interested in the topic of natural care during pregnancy, here is a good overview of how shea butter, herbs and pregnancy go together.

Amaru on her pregnancy care

«Moment of Truth: I must admit that I never used to moisturize my stomach area at all until I got pregnant and my skin started to feel tight around this area. Blame it on the fear of stretch marks or desire to be able to wear bikinis again, or whatever- this pregnancy has got me taking more care of my whole body a bit better. As I’ve felt my skin heroically stretch to create more room for my baby, I’ve become more and more intentional about moisturizing and taking care of my belly skin too.»

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photocredit Amaru

«The SHEA YEAH body butter not only does feel like soaking myself in tropical paradise, but it also makes my skin feel soft and pampered. SHEA YEAH is a brand I absolutely adore for how well executed their whole brand experience is.»


Aline about rituals & massages

«Now you have to put cream on Aline’s belly every night.» said my father to my boyfriend when he found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend used SHEA YEAH body butter, which I have been a fan of since the brand’s inception, on my belly and breasts every night before I went to bed. It was a nice ritual to give the little creature in my belly full attention every day. SHEA YEAH met my taste completely, the smell is very pleasant, as pregnant women can smell too much. The result is impeccable, I don’t have a single streak on my belly and I am overjoyed about it.»

photocredit Aline

«After pregnancy, I used the scrub from SHEA YEAH because you can massage it in very quickly in the shower and afterwards you are nice and soft and already creamed. I recommend shea butter from SHEA YEAH to all pregnant couples, always in the form of the ritual, which I find very nice. Thank you SHEA YEAH, you have sweetened my skin.»


Healthy skin care during pregnancy

If you haven’t already discovered natural cosmetics for yourself one way or another, the path to natural and safe ingredients is taken by many women with the onset of pregnancy. We have also dedicated a blog post to this topic.

Desirée about touch & acceptance

«With the beginning of my pregnancy I had great respect, actually even fear, of the physical changes. I created a beautiful ritual for myself with the SHEA YEAH products: Shea butter and lavender essential oil in combination – wooooow!»

photocredit Desirée

«The ritual was not only wonderful for the care of my skin, but also a loving gesture for myself. So I took time to pamper myself with mindful touches and thus come into acceptance and peace with what is to come. And by the way tadaaa: I got practically no stripes. :-)»


I hope these women inspire you as much as they inspire me. If you too would like to share your experiences here about your pregnancy self-care, go ahead! I – and many other people – are looking forward to it! Thank you!

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