6 important basic rules for making natural cosmetics at home

A shea butter cocoa lip balm for the brother, an anti-stretch mark butter for the pregnant girlfriend and a herbal bath salt for yourself. Do-it-yourself natural cosmetics are fun – to make as well as to give away. But only as long as chaos does not break out in the kitchen and the products are safe to use.

If you make cosmetics at home for yourself or to give as a gift, there are a few important basic rules that you should be aware of so that the products are safe, you don’t wear out and it makes the do-it-yourself session in the kitchen easier. I have listed the 6 most important basic rules for you here.

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DIY Zutaten Schweizer Kräuter Naturkosmetik

6 Basic rules for producing natural cosmetics at home

  1. Produce small quantities
  2. Sterilize work surfaces, tools and cans/bottles (boil or spray with 70% alcohol and wipe off). Disinfect hands or wear gloves
  3. Always work cleanly (mise en place is recommended) and keep your hands off! Always use a spoon, knife or spatula
  4. Always store unpreserved products with fresh ingredients or water in the refrigerator and consume within 2-3 days (microorganisms grow in it!)
  5. Dose essential oils correctly and follow the instructions of specialists
  6. Write the ingredients and date on your cans or bottles after filling

Watch out for dubious DIY online tips

A survey has shown that up to 1/4 of the people who follow the DIY natural cosmetics recipes, tips and tricks from the internet, then suffer a skin reaction. Even if a reaction is not immediate, long-term damage to the skin can occur. For example from incorrectly applied essential oils, overdosed or incorrectly stored raw materials.

It is therefore worthwhile to follow these 6 simple basic rules and I also recommend that you read our tips on safe DIY natural cosmetics in general and not blindly trust the first best YouTube tutorial. Lol!

Have fun with your DIY!


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