The founder Sandra has been passionate about the production of ointments, balsams and oil extracts since her training as a farmer in a Benedictine monastery. The knowledge of herbs fascinates and accompanies her until today and so she has been producing her own cosmetics for her own use for many years.

When shea butter was her ” rescuer in need ” after a sunburn in Ghana, she was overwhelmed. She was tracing the origin of this raw material. Building on her experience and always open to new things, Sandra intuitively followed this call from Ghana. Chaotic, unplanned, but full of passion and love, she created the label shea yeah together with a supporting community of people. In order to deepen her knowledge about the skin, Sandra trained as a natural therapist.

The products

SHEA YEAH combines shea butter from Ghana, herbs from Switzerland and other exquisite power plants to effective natural cosmetics. 

  • Clean, anhydrous natural cosmetics
  • Versatile and mixable
  • Carefully formulated in Switzerland
  • Handmade 
  • Highly concentrated, biological and ethical raw materials 
  • Never tested on animals
  • Free from parabens, microplastics, petroleum, alcohol & Co.

The packaging

The environment matters a lot to SHEA YEAH. If you were really consistent, production would have to be stopped. Because every purchase is actually one too many. But this is not a solution for SHEA YEAH, so the label tries its best. Find out more about the packaging concept developed by an environmental engineer at ETH Zurich.

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