5 reasons for shea yeah

Direct Trade & Transparency

You should know what is on your skin and therefore our recipes are clearly and understandably formulated. We know our raw materials, especially our main raw material. You can see where the shea trees grow, who collects the nuts and how they are processed into shea butter. The supply chain is short, we prevent cost-intensive intermediate trade, which would be to the disadvantage of the women’s cooperative.

Shea yeah is member of the Global Shea Alliance. It promotes the sustainability of the Shea industry, quality practices and standards.

Our shea butter is unrefined and organic certified.

Protect, repair & maintain

Shea butter is a grateful all-rounder. Especially dry, sensitive or mature skin love it. Shea butter balances the skin and helps to become and stay healthy. Shea butter can also do something good for normal skin types: protect them from wind and weather, soothe sunburn, care for lips or dry skin areas. But beware, if your skin is healthy, it can take care of itself. So don’t overstrain it, not even with natural ingredients!

Less can be more

Our skin is simply overwhelmed with 100 different ingredients that it gets every day. The consequence of this is that about 50% of people have sensitive skin, sometimes even skin problems. What we often forget is that our skin is naturally well equipped and can regulate itself. It produces fat, hyaluronic acid and XY. But only if we let it breathe and do not overstrain it every day. 

No alcohol, no fillers & Co.

We keep our hands off emulsifiers, parabens, microplastics, etc.! We even do without alcohol because it additionally dries out the skin. While many cosmetics consist of cheap fillers such as water and refined oils, you will only find highly concentrated formulations with native oils, butter and herbs.

Cultural Connection & Diversity

By mixing traditions from Ghana and Switzerland, we merge tried and tested knowledge into a skin care routine. With this combination we celebrate the authenticity and diversity of the people here and now. Our products are suitable for all species, ages, sexes, colours and shapes.