The founder Sandra has been passionate about the production of ointments, balsams and oil extracts since her training as a farmer in a Benedictine monastery. The knowledge of herbs fascinates and accompanies her until today and so she has been producing her own cosmetics for her own use for many years.

When shea butter was her «rescuer in need» after sunburn in Ghana, she was overwhelmed. She was tracing the origin of this raw material. Building on her experience and always open to new things, Sandra intuitively followed this call from Ghana. Chaotic, unplanned but full of passion and love, she created the label SHEA YEAH. In order to deepen her knowledge about the skin, Sandra trained as a natural skin therapist.

Founder Sandra Fischer


«create, unite and be»

SHEA YEAH believes in social empowerment by designing cross-cultural creations. It is close to the founder’s heart to keep traditions alive, to celebrate what you have and to create something new out of it. Visualization and creation is always holistic, in agreement with mother earth and the human beings, always with passion, character and a pinch of positive madness. Yeees!

«SHEA YEAH follows a community-driven brand and product development.»

«SHEA YEAH is not and never in a final state, rather in a permanent state of change.»



One for all

The SHEA YEAH range is for all skin types suitable, independent of age or gender. Especially helpful for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

All products are multifunctional, efficient and yet uncomplicated.


By excluding water, the recipes require neither emulsifiers nor preservatives. In addition, the use-cycle of the product is significantly longer. Furthermore, the amount of hydration and lipids can be individually adapted to the needs of the skin directly during application. Get to know the advantages of waterless beauty.

A simple, effective skin care

There are two important aspects to be considered when applying the products:

1. the products are highly concentrated, so use only a small amount

2. apply to damp skin if possible.

Learn more about the use of waterfree cosmetics.


Trustful ingredients

The fewer ingredients a product contains, the gentler and safer it is for the skin. Whenever possible SHEA YEAH uses organic raw materials. The shea butter is certified organic and laboratory tested. The ingredients are cleverly combined and clearly arranged:


Processes and standards

SHEA YEAH produces with an experienced partner at his side. The Bellevue Pharmacy in Zurich has been characterised by its anthroposophical and homeopathic approach since 1931. To this day, it pays great attention to natural medicine. 

All products are consciously made by hand in the pharmacy’s laboratory.

The packaging

If you look at the overall life cycle assessment of a product, it is clear that about 90% of the environmental impact is caused by the production of raw materials and packaging accounts for about 1%*, so it is more important to look at the procurement of raw materials.

SHEA YEAH has analyzed different packaging solutions extensively. Find out more about the packaging concept and the recommendations for improvement to SHEA YEAH, which was developed for the label by an environmental engineer from ETH Zurich.

*Source WWF