Adapted skin care in winter

Who doesn’t know it? In winter, the skin is much drier than usual. Cold, wind and the air from the heater put an enormous strain on it. The more you are outside in the cold, the more you need to protect your skin. Here I share my knowledge as a natural esthetician as well as my personal experience about protecting the skin in winter – you will see that it is very easy to protect your skin!

How does the skin function in winter?

The skin’s natural oil production is reduced or even stopped in winter. Briefly explained, this means the following (to talk biz πŸ™‚ ): We have two natural sources of skin fat, the barrier fats of the callus layer and the sebum from our sebaceous glands. Sebum behaves similarly to butter, i.e. when it is warm, it is nice and soft and spreadable. Then the sebum slides out of the pores drop by drop and spreads over our skin. In this way, the skin is naturally supplied with oil and does not dry out. Provided you have healthy skin. If it is cool or cold, the sebum is hard. Accordingly, it spreads much more poorly or not at all. The result? The skin becomes dry and sensitive. What can you do about it? Bring on the fat!

Cold cream as protection against the cold – without paraffin

To protect the skin from wind and cold in winter (hello winter sports enthusiasts!) a cold cream is the best choice. Since we at SHEA YEAH love multiuse products, I recommend the FAITH beauty balm with organic shea butter, almond oil and a subtle lavender scent, or for the purists among us, the pure shea butter MOTHER.

Compared to conventional cold creams, we do not use paraffin (often referred to as Vaseline). Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum processing and stretches over the skin like a film, making it pleasantly soft. But it interferes with the body’s own regulatory mechanism and clogs the pores. Shea butter, on the other hand, allows the pores to breathe and also penetrates deep into the skin, nourishing it at the same time. I find that somehow more sympathetic. πŸ™‚

This is how you use cold creams

Warm and rub a small amount of Beauty Balm or pure shea butter into the palms of your hands daily in the morning and then apply to cleansed, damp face and neck. The skin is then cared for and protected for the whole day.

Tip: Cold protection is highly recommended if you spend a lot of time outdoors, have a tendency towards telangiectasia (the red veins that are often visible on the cheeks) or severe redness on the face.

Recommended products for skin protection in winter

It is not only in our latitudes that cold creams like shea butter are a valuable protection against the weather. When the dry season arrives in northern Ghana, the air is extremely dry and a sandy, hot wind sweeps across the landscape. The lips crack bloody, the skin tightens and the scalp itches. Since time immemorial, shea butter has offered relief. It is a successful protection against wind and sun. Since it not only protects against wind and sun, but also against cold, it has also gained popularity in northern latitudes.

In addition, water-free products are THE THING in winter! Because in the freezing cold, applying a moisturiser can lead to frostbite if the cream has a high water content. Provided you leave the warm house and go outside πŸ™‚

That is it, I wish you a wonderful winter!


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