DIY recipe:
Whipped body butter with shea butter, vanilla and rose

Are you looking for a nourishing and caring product that pampers your body? And you want to know exactly what ingredients are in your product? Then you’ve come to the right place. With this do-it-yourself recipe you will soon have a great body butter with shea butter, vanilla and rose.

I colour this beautiful body butter with a pink rose powder, lightly scent it with rose and enjoy it on my skin. The rose has a noble appearance and has enchanted people since time immemorial. Even in the times of the Greek poet Anacreon (580-495 BC) who wrote an ode to the rose:

«Rose, wonder of all flowers that bloom,
each leaf a witness of love in spring.
Even the heavenly powers delight in her.
She is the young passion of Aphrodite,
she is the darling of Cythere,
her temples wreathed with petals…
and with her sweet perfume
she makes her masters drunk.


DIY recipe
shea-vanilla-rose body butter


– 60 g shea butter
– 17-20 g vanilla macerate in sunflower oil*
– 17-20 g base oil of choice (e.g. almond, apricot, jojoba)
– 2 teaspoon rose powder
– Rose or rose geranium essential oil

The scent as well as its dosage varies according to taste. In general, it is rather subtle in this formulation, even with the highest permitted amount of essential oil. Rose geranium smells more intense than rose absolue (the real rose). Rose is very expensive, so rose geranium is often used as a popular substitute.

The dosage of essential oils for body products is 2-3%. Never use essential oils undiluted. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, seek advice from a professional.


As with cooking, the recipe for DIY natural cosmetics can also be adapted individually. For example, if you have sensitive skin, leave out the essential oil. If you like it softer, increase the base oil content, if you don’t like vanilla, replace the vanilla maceration with a base oil content.

There are no limits to your creativity. Yeah!
Just never forget to follow the basic rules for making natural cosmetics at home! They are super important for the shelf life of your products.

1. step: Prepare all ingredients

2. step: Add the vanilla macerate and base oil to the shea butter and mash with a fork to form an even mixture.

3. step: Add rose powder

4. step: Take electric hand mixer and whip up the whole mixture

5. step: Add the essential oil and continue to whisk with a hand mixer until you have a nice mixture.

1. step
2. step
3. step
4. step
5. step

Step 6 and 7: Fill the mass, label the jars and record the recipe in writing.

Here you will find our 1kg organic shea butter, as well as practical PET cans for filling.

Estimated shelf life: 4-6 months. If stored in a cool and dark place, it tends to last longer.

6. step
7. step
Yeah, try it out! The Body Butter melts with the body heat.

Have fun with this noble DIY recipe. And don’t forget: If possible, apply water-free cosmetics to damp skin. That way your skin has everything it needs!

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Lots of love,

*Preparation of vanilla macerate: Cut 1-2 vanilla pods lengthwise, put them in a transparent jar and pour sunflower oil over them until all parts of the pods are covered. Place in a warm place (e.g. windowsill) for approx. 3 weeks and shake gently every 1-2 days. Then strain and fill the vanilla macerate into a dark bottle and store in a cool, dark place. Do not forget to write the date of maceration on the bottle! Estimated shelf life 4-6 months.

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