Gift ideas for mother’s Day

It can be many things to be a «mum». Whatever it means to you, let’s celebrate our mothers! And with so much love!

The origins of mother’s day probably lie in various goddess cults and its current form was influenced by women’s movements in the 19th and 20th centuries, and later (as probably every holiday) by the flower and sweets industry. We basically think that mothers and mother figures can’t be celebrated enough and that especially in times of spacial distancing it is even more important to give a little attention to your loved ones.

Through flowers

Flowers are the classic Mother’s Day gift and always go down well. Especially now that spring is in full bloom, it’s nice to surround yourself with them at home. If you don’t want to go to a flower shop, you can also «lend a hand» yourself and lovingly help yourself to nature’s treasures in a wild flower meadow.

Love Letters

Whether the inner poet is brought out or simply a heartfelt I think of you is sent – nothing is as personal as a handwritten card. While WhatsApp messages and Facetime calls are also legitimate, it’s always special to carefully select both card and words and practice handwriting again.

Shea Yeah Muttertag Geschenkideen Sheabutter Körperpeeling
Shea Yeah Muttertag Geschenkideen Sheabutter Körperpeeling
Shea Yeah Muttertag Geschenkideen Sheabutter Körperpeeling

Nourishing for the skin

Lovely skin care products are always a nice gift. Our pure shea butter is ideal for this purpose not only because of its versatility and caring properties, but also because of its name. Is there a better Mother’s Day gift than a product called MOTHER? Hardly. To go with it, we recommend PATIENCE, our soft pink body scrub. Not only does every MOTHER need a lot of PATIENCE (I love you, mum!), above all, every skin needs a little bit of care in the form of moisturizing shea butter, scrubby sugar and summery scent of ylang ylang. And if the choice should rather be made by the presentee, our new SHEA YEAH vouchers are not a bad alternative.

Of course, the beautiful gift sets are also a great present – you’re sure to spoil your mum with them!

Pretty little things

I think my mum is the one person in my life who is the easiest to give presents to. She is happy about everything and always tries to carry/use/set up what she receives. Besides, we have similar tastes and everything that I would wear/use/set up myself is also a perfect gift for her. Dainty jewelry, especially in the form of bracelets, always works. Also a lovely nail polish is a nice little thing that brings joy and a little springtime mood.

Happy mothers day & take care,
Sandra G.

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