Ideas for various uses of unrefined shea butter
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Unrefined shea butter is an all-rounder with diverse areas of use. Whether for skin care, for the hair, as care during pregnancy or, watch out, even for pets. Mixed with herbs from Switzerland, the result is soothing natural cosmetics for all skin types.

Unrefined shea butter for the skin

Shea butter is known for its amazing skin caring properties. Especially dry, stressed skin is happy about the plant butter. But if you think shea butter is only for dry skin, you are definitely wrong. It is also very popular for normal skin or impure skin. And as with so many other things: 

  • Try it out, because every skin is different
  • Keeping the balance 
  • Adapt to the season

Shea butter is very similar to our skin sebum and therefore has no comedogenic effect. This means that shea butter does not clog the pores but allows them to breathe despite its richness. When using the products, it is recommended to apply them to damp skin. The entire SHEA YEAH range is based on the philosophy of waterfree natural cosmetics. This has various advantages. For example, you only need a small amount of shea butter per application and you get much further with one can than with cosmetic products that contain water.

Shea butter for dry, flaky skin

Shea butter is very effective when it comes to dry, scaly or cracked skin. It penetrates deep into the skin layers and protects it from dryness, wind and weather. Especially in winter, this can be very helpful. Its composition of ingredients provides the skin with important vitamins and oleic acids.

Here you can get tips on how to care for dry skin.

Shea butter for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin know that less can be more. But what can that little be? Shea butter works in most cases. Or alternatively also facial oils can do the trick.

Learn more about the care of sensitive skin here.

Shea butter for mature skin

The older we get, the more the skin loses elasticity and the ability to store moisture. This results in wrinkles. Furthermore, the skin produces less sebum, i.e. less skin fat, which can lead to dryness. Shea butter replaces the missing sebum in a natural way and re-integrates the moisture that is supplied to the skin. 

Shea butter for the lips

The lips do not have their own sebaceous glands and are therefore severely affected by drought, especially in winter when sebum production is greatly reduced. Purely fat-based care with shea butter can help. Important is a care without mineral oil. An intact skin barrier can block mineral oils, but not the lips. 

Shea butter for vegan skin care

Shea butter is a 100% natural vegetable butter. It does not come into contact with animal products and our shea butter is not tested on animals either. For this reason it is a popular raw material for those of us who live purely from plants. In vegan circles unrefined shea butter has been appreciated for a long time. It is often used as an alternative to lanolin or beeswax. 

Shea butter during winter as a cold cream

It is very important to protect the skin from the cold in winter so that the skin has enough fat and the blood vessels are protected. Shea butter and products based on it are perfect as cold protection creams. And all this without paraffin or Vaseline, as they are contained in many conventional cold protection creams.

Find out how to protect your skin in winter and keep it healthy.

Shea butter for facial care

Shea butter can be used for face care pure or in combination with an oil, flower water or aloe vera gel. For facial care it is important to know your skin type and the condition of your skin. Plus: don’t exaggerate! Less can be more, especially with highly concentrated raw materials such as shea butter.

Find out more about how to care for your face with shea butter in a healthy and natural way.

Shea butter during pregnancy

Pregnant women who regularly and lovingly massage their belly with shea butter, or have it massaged, are really doing themselves some good. Does it help against stretch marks?

Get to know more about skin care during pregnancy.

Helpers for a glowy skin

Unrefined shea butter for the hair

What is particularly good for dry skin also helps with dry and damaged hair. Shea butter can help with split ends, brittle hair and straw-like ends. Shea butter adds moisture and shine to the hair and can be used on all hair types that need rich care.

Shea butter as hair mask and leave-in conditioner

Shea butter can be used for all hair types as a mask or as a leave-in conditioner. Depending on the hair type, the amount, application time or regularity of use will vary. Generally speaking, the thicker and/or curlier the hair, the more care it needs in terms of oil and moisture. It is important that moisture is always bound with fat. Because with only fat, the hair hangs limp and greasy.

Shea butter for the dry scalp

Unrefined shea butter can work wonders against dandruff and dry scalp. Massage directly onto the scalp, leave on overnight and rinse out the next morning. If desired, shea butter can also be spread throughout the hair and scalp – 2 in 1 – hair and scalp mask.

Shea Kundin lachend mit Naturkosmetik-Produkt in der Hand
Sheabutter normal und Sheabutter gelb auf einem Korb liegend

Shea butter for lace care

Shea butter gives a sheen to chapped hair ends and gives them moisture. Use as a mask or leave-in conditioner. Important: Always apply to damp hair, never to dry hair.

Unrefined shea butter for pets

Have you ever had the idea to supply your best friend with shea butter? Watch out for dog owners: Shea butter is THE miracle cure for dog paws (also for cat paws). Especially in winter they are strained by snow, ice and road salt. By applying shea butter to the paws you can give your four-legged friend a protective barrier beforehand and afterwards provide relief for the troubled paws. Only you should pay attention to the fact that there can be stains from the oil film on the ground. Not such a thing outdoors, but be careful if you have a delicate parquet floor. Nothing we haven’t already experienced 🙂

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