The beauty of African shea butter

A potent ingredient

Popular and healthy for centuries, shea butter has amazing soothing and hydrating properties. The kernel of the shea fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Shea butter is known to penetrate deep into the skin and give it a natural glow.

Shea butter’s properties are very similar to those of human skin fat, supporting the skin’s self-regulating function and respiration. Although it is very rich, it allows the pores to breathe well. It also strengthens the protective function of the barrier layer and supports the skin’s natural collagen production. The combination of vitamins helps to neutralise damage caused by free radicals and can thus reduce fine wrinkles and age spots.

The source

Under the hot West African sun grows the unbred shea tree, far away from pollution and agriculture. An ancient tree full of history, culture and centuries of rich tribal tradition.

Many women in rural village communities master a true art form, the traditional processing of the shea nuts into shea butter. This process takes several days and is carefully done by hand. For generations, this knowledge has been passed down among women.

Positive impact at its heart

We are convinced that beauty begins at its source. If the shea butter is made by hand and with ritual character, this positive energy can be felt in the end result. The traditional production supports the women in village communities to earn an income for the family. We attach great importance to sustainability and ethics. 

The difference

The quality of shea butter varies similarly to that of a wine or olive oil. They all consist of a single natural component, but the origin, processing methods and knowledge of production are very different. Therefore, there are significant differences in quality between different shea butter.

We do not let an anonymous company supply us with shea butter. We are directly involved in the production of vegetable butter and know exactly where it comes from, who produces it and how. This enables us to produce the best and finest unrefined shea butter.

  • Wild collection of nuts in northern Ghana
  • Quality control on-site through personal contacts
  • Organic certified by Ecocert
  • Fair payment & empowerment of the «Sheaqueens» & their families
  • Direct import – no expensive intermediate trade
  • The SHEA YEAH shea butter gets tested on several parameters in the lab
  • Shea experts – our great knowledge of shea butter distinguishes us

Traditional craftsmanship

The production of shea butter involves many steps, which are carried out skillfully by hand. The production takes hours, sometimes even days.

  • Collecting fruit
  • Peel fruits
  • Wash the nuts & sun dry them
  • Beat the kernel out of nuts
  • Crushing kernels
  • Roasting & cooling kernels
  • Grind kernels
  • Boil paste with water
  • Take it from the fire & cool down
  • Beat by hand until the oil extracts from the water
  • Sieve the oil
  • Stir the oil until it becomes creamy butter