Swiss herbs

On all continents we have been using plants traditionally for centuries for our well-being and beauty. Our great-grandmothers have already rubbed healing clay or pressed out herbs on their bodies and known how to apply the treasures of nature. Together with you we would like to revive this old knowledge and bring the beauty rituals back to their basis.


Already in earlier times the farmer’s wives massaged the juice of crushed mallow leaves into their faces. Today, mallow is still very much appreciated in Swiss folk medicine. Like an invisible protective cover, the mucilages of the mallow deposit themselves on the horny layer, buffering environmental stress, wind and sun. It also provides moisture, so that wrinkles are padded and the skin remains beautifully supple. The mallow’s tannins have a calming and astringent effect.

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The healing effect of marigold blossoms was already known in the Middle Ages. In the monastic medicine of that time, ointments made from marigold and lard were considered the most important anti-inflammatory remedy. Today, marigold is one of the most important medicinal herbs, which can be used widely and are also scientifically widely recognized.

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