Our ingredients: carefully selected raw ingredients

Olive oil is not equal to olive oil. And so, not all shea butter is alike. We source all our raw ingredients ethically and with much care. In the case of our shea butter and grape seed oil, we go back to the source where the plant grows.

Both rise from one core. Both are based on an old tradition. Both are of great value for our skin. Get to know their stories – shea butter and grape seed oil, pure and real!

Coldpressed oils & unrefined butter

Cold pressed plant oils and unrefined plant butter are pure power for our skin. Gentle manufacturing processes ensure that vitamins and other valuable ingredients are maintained. Vegetable oils and butter have many different characters. Some are easy to spread on the skin and are quickly absorbed, others are heavy, even viscous or are absorbed very slowly. Knowing how to combine them, they produce truly magical textures!

Shea butter

Unrefined shea butter is full of vitamins and minerals. It protects against environmental influences, regenerates cells, binds moisture and keeps the skin smooth and soft. Due to its high content of antioxidants, it is also considered an anti-aging product. Hardly any other vegetable butter or oil oil contains such a high proportion of unsaponifiable components as triterpenes, triterpene alcohols, beta carotene, vitamin E, allantoin and oleic acids. This makes it an exceptional product, which is also used in pharmacy and medicine.

We work closely together with the «Sheaqueens» in the north of Ghana, the women who master the traditional craft of shea butter production. If the shea butter is made by hand and with a ritual character, this positive energy can be felt in the final product. The shea butter produced is certified organic by Ecocert.

Pinot Noir grapeseed oil

Cold pressed grape seed oil is not only one of the most valuable Swiss oils, but also the perfect complement to shea butter due to its fat structure. Its high vitamin E content intercepts free radicals and can thus keep the skin firm and elastic. It is also intended to prevent the formation of wrinkles. In addition, grape seed oil contains omega 6 fatty acids which are important for the skin. The high content of linoleic acid also helps against cornification and has an antimicrobial and cleansing effect.

We work together with Salenegg Castle, the oldest winery in Europe, in the canton of Graubünden. There the oil from the kernels, a by-product of wine production, is pressed fresh for our recipes. It is then tested in the laboratory and approved for production of the product line in the laboratory of the Bellevue Pharmacy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Almond kernel oil

Cold-pressed almond oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamins. These skin-related fatty acids are very mild and have an anti-irritant effect. This is precisely why they are very well tolerated by sensitive skin. The properties of the ingredients ensure a soft skin feeling and thus improve the appearance of the skin.

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Sea bucket seed oil

Virgin sea buckthorn pulp oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which are particularly useful for damaged and problem skin. The concentration of vitamin C in this oil provides rich antioxidant protection, smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles. Among other things, it is suitable for mature skin as it stimulates the skin’s own metabolic processes and the formation of new cells.

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Sun flower seed oil

Is the oil pressed from the seeds of the sunflower. Due to its high content of linoleic acid, the oil of the sunflower is a light and mild caring oil. It smoothes the skin and makes it soft.

Coconut oil

Gently extracted coconut oil is a great addition to shea butter and appreciated by many for its delicious fragrance. With its combination of ingredients it is a high-quality oil with antimicrobial effect. The lauric acid it contains is able to destroy bacteria, viruses and other germs. The oil also protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

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Hemp seed oil

The Swiss hemp seed oil strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, which prevents the penetration of bacteria and toxins from the environment as well as dehydration. Relaxes, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Hemp seed oil contains around 70% essential fatty acids, many of which are gamma-linolenic acids. These bind moisture, have an anti-inflammatory effect and support cell renewal, so that stressed and strained skin can regenerate faster.

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Essential oils

Essential oils have a holistic effect on us humans. They can cheer us up, relax and promote our health and well-being. Certain oils can be equated with a medicine chest. For example, essential lavender oil, a versatile miracle cure. Our absolute darling! We only use essential oils of the best quality, natural, mostly from organic cultivation and organic wild collection.

Essential lavender oil

Lavender oil is a miracle oil and one of the best tolerated oils of all. It improves the blood supply to the skin and promotes self-healing and the formation of new cells in the skin. This effect is also attributed to the fact that stretch marks can heal better and scarring is reduced. In addition, the lavender scent soothes body and mind.

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Essential verveine oil

Lemon verbena, also known as verbena, refreshes and stimulates, especially the brain functions and concentration are strengthened. The fragrance also gives fresh strength and stamina. The oil is often used as a natural remedy that firms and smoothes the skin. It is said to eliminate slackness and increase the elasticity of the skin.

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Essential orange oil

In addition to its mood-lifting properties and refreshing fragrance, essential orange oil has the ability to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism and thus combat cellulite. It also regenerates the tissue and improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

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Essential ylang ylang oil

Ylang-ylang ylang became famous as the basic fragrance of Chanel No. 5, but it not only has a wonderful floral scent, but also a psychological effect. The oil also calms and relaxes the mind. It is also said to have a sensual and aphrodisiac effect.

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Swiss healing herbs

On all continents we have been using plants traditionally for centuries for our well-being and beauty. Even our great-grandmothers rubbed healing earth or pressed herbs on their bodies and knew how to use the treasures of nature. Together with you we would like to revive this ancient knowledge and bring the beauty rituals back to their basis.

Mallow flower

Even in earlier times, farmers’ wives used to massage the juice of crushed mallow leaves into their faces. Today, mallow is still highly valued in Swiss folk medicine. Like an invisible protective cover, the mucilage of mallow lies on the horny layer, buffering environmental stress, wind and sun. It also provides moisture, so that wrinkles are padded up and the skin remains supple. The tanning agents of mallow have a soothing and astringent effect.

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Calendula flower

The healing properties of marigold blossoms were already known in the Middle Ages. In the monastic medicine of the time, ointments made from calendula and lard were considered the most important anti-inflammatory remedies. Today, calendula is one of the most important medicinal herbs which can be used widely and is also scientifically recognised many times over.

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Other ingredients

Vitamin E

Acts as an antioxidant to stabilise natural oils and butter and as a valuable skin protection vitamin against premature skin ageing and wrinkling.


Squalane, extracted from olive oil, seals the moisture and thus minimises the loss of moisture. This moisturising effect has a long-term effect and helps maintain or rebuild the skin’s natural barrier. It also neutralises environmental damage and thus counteracts premature ageing of the skin.

Clay & Iron oxide

Used for natural colouring.

«We’re pushing «natural, organic and vegan» further. Clear origin and production of the raw materials, the recycling of high-quality waste products and the absence of water in the recipes are part of our mission».

Sandra, founder SHEA YEAH