Is shea butter suitable for the care of sensitive skin?

Tips and tricks how to look after sensitive skin

Some people are more sensitive by nature than others. This is also the case when it comes to skin. I can personally tell you a story about it: For my skin I rely on a few carefully selected ingredients. Only in this way can I keep my sensitive skin in its natural balance. This is also the origin of my passion for formulating natural cosmetics without water, actually the beginning of my beauty brand SHEA YEAH. So the sensitive has its advantages after all.

The boundaries between dry and sensitive skin are often blurred. So it’s worth going through our tips for dry skin aswell.

What to do about sensitive skin?

  • Less is more
    It is better to avoid exotic superpower mixtures with many ingredients
  • Use Waterless Beauty
  • Unscented products
    More advisable are products without essential oils
  • Strong skin barrier
    Moisturise and oil your skin
  • Use sun protection
  • DIY
    Do your own personal hygiene if you do not tolerate purchased products. We show you how!

Products for sensitive skin

These are indications that you have sensitive skin

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Skin redness due to the application of products or during facial cleansing
  • Skin redness after eating spicy food or drinking alcohol
  • Tendency to allergies

So, do you have sensitive skin like me? Then you’ve come to the right place and now you know how to support your skin health. Shea butter is good for sensitive, dry or mature skin or even for uncomplicated normal skin.

«In our recipes, the essential oils are very deeply dosed or omitted completely. For example, the Universal Beauty Balm FAITH with the scent of lavender is a real treat for the skin care of sensitive skin.»

How is shea butter useful for the care of sensitive skin?

If one compares the origin of shea butter with sensitive skin, they have one thing in common: the shea fruit protectively wraps its kernel with the flesh and skin. Just as the shea kernel is protected, sensitive skin also needs wrapping protection. This is necessary to support the functions of the skin’s natural protective acid mantle.
Mild skin care is very important for sensitive skin. Shea butter is known to be very skin-friendly and mild – a true all-rounder. In addition to shea butter, SHEA YEAH contains soothing oils such as almond oil and plants such as mallows or marigolds. All these natural cosmetic blends are ideal for sensitive skin.

Schale einer Sheanuss in der Hand von Sandra
Shell that protects the kernel of the sheafruit
Sheanuss geschält im Vordergrund und im Hintergrund ganz viele Sheanüsse in Ghana
Sheakernel from which the butter is made

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Cover photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

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