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Sonrisa Blog, March 2020

This are the best hand creams.

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NZZ Bellevue, March 2020

Dry hands? The editors swear by these hand creams!

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Hey Pretty Beauty Blog, January 2020

Swissmade: The A-Z of Swiss beauty brands
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Sonrisa Blog, December 2019

Review: the most popular beauty stories 2019
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Wir Eltern, October 2019

Swiss quality.

Friday Magazin, August 2019

Cosmetic products that do not contain water? Yes, there is! Why they are better for the environment, but also for our skin.
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Annabelle, July 2019

Stay nice and smooth.
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NZZ Stil, May 2019

The Swiss Sandra Fischer has an interesting curriculum vitae…

Friday Magazin, April 2019

Swiss brands for soft and soft skin.

Sonrisa Blog, March 2019

«The name is a perfect fit because it expresses a lot of joie de vivre»: Q&A with Girlboss Sandra Fischer from Shea Yeah
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Hey Pretty Beauty Blog, December 2017

Brand Love shea yeah from Zürich. -> to the article

Tagesanzeiger Züritipp, January 2017

The best of Zurich’s shops in January: compost in the parlour and Africa on the skin.