The perfect match for shea butter has been found – grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil from the «Bündner Herrschaft» – the perfect match to shea butter

In order to round off the feel of blends with the nutritious shea butter, I have been looking for a light oil with a suitable fat spectrum for the past few years. With the aim of creating a harmonious combination (yes, I know, a bit nerdy). Not an easy task and not easier if you want to do something good for the environment and want to know the origin and production. Speaking of the environment, I had a very clear idea. The oil should not only complement the shea butter but if possible be extracted from a waste product. One more challenge but with great pleasure I can say today: it is done!

Traubenkernen, ein hochwertiges Nebenprodukt der Weinherstellung.
Grapeseed oil, an exclusive by-product from the wine production.

«For several years I was looking for a light Swiss oil to complement the shea butter. Tricky, but it is found!»

Cold pressed grapeseed oil from canton Graubünden, Switzerland

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that we are working with the oldest winery in Europe, Salenegg Castle in Maienfeld. It could hardly be more cheesy: a castle below the mountains of Heidi and Peter. But back to the oil, the grapeseeds are a by-product of wine production. They are separated from the pressed pulp, dried and finally pressed. Grapeseed oil is one of the most valuable Swiss oils, partly because the yield from the very small, hard seeds of the grape is very low. It also has an exceptionally strong antioxidant, cell membrane protecting effect and has a cornification regulating effect. A lot of power is in this small kernel.

«Processing agricultural by-products into cosmetic raw materials is super friendly to the environment. Upcyling, yes!»

Winery Schloss Salenegg, Switzerland

A harmonious combination

Shea butter and grapeseed oil complement each other perfectly, they are a true symbiosis. As different and complementary as they are, they are similar. Both originate from one kernel. Both are based on an old tradition. Both are of great value for our skin. And if you know the background of their history, just a thousand times more valuable. Pure and genuine!

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