Karmaglitter – the stand-up party

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Ready to shine? This glitter is easy to apply with shea butter – on the face or on the body. It is biodegradable – yeah!
A dream duo in combination with glitter “Nummer sicher“.

Loose glitter
Colour: silver
Particle size: medium
Quantity: 10ml

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What is Karmaglitter made of?

Karmaglitter is produced sustainably and is obtained from natural plant products such as cellulose. It is based on eucalyptus. Cellulose is the main component of plant cell walls and thus the most frequent organic compound there is. Cellulose, for example, is also an essential raw material used in paper production.

Ingredients: 72% rayon, 11% glycerine, 6% aqua, 3% urea, various natural colour pigments, max. 8% acyrlate copolymer, max 0.1 aluminium.

The glitter production is constantly developed further. The aim is to produce a glitter that is 100% plastic-free.

What is the best way to apply Karmaglitter?

Karmaglitter lasts relatively well if the skin area is wetted with water and then the glitter is spotted on it. Shea butter or extra make-up glue are suitable for an even better hold. First apply a thin layer on the desired body part and then you can spread the glitter with your finger or a brush.


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