A holistic retreat, an oasis filled with peace and love. Let your mind come to silence in this atmosphere: Ancestral sounds, salt lamps, plants, natural colours and gentle scents fill the room. You will arrive with a heartwarming tea and a grounding footbath.

The treatments are a holistic experience and suitable for all skin types. Scrubs and masks are individually adapted and freshly mixed according to skin type and condition.

A detailed skin analysis of 20 to 30 minutes is included in the first treatment. For a well-founded consultation it is recommended to bring the products used at home (care and make-up).

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90 minutes CHF 190

«Expand your mind, feel your body and lift your soul.»

Shea butter is omnipresent in this facial treatment. Gentle and silky it wraps you up and gives you a feeling of security. With aloe vera, rose and other power plants, the moisture depots of your skin are replenished and the skin is tightened and levelled. Special massage techniques stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, remove waste products and give the skin new vitality and firmness. The self-healing of the skin is thus supported in a natural way.

The treatment is accompanied by empowering ancestral sounds, which take you into a world full of beauty, magic, healing and tradition. A holistic experience for body, mind and soul. The session is rounded off with a meditation that grounds and fills you with new strength and protection.

Sensual shea butter, ylang ylang and orange foot bath
Inner Beauty Blue Tea and Antioxidant Shot
Rose cleansing of face and décolleté
Deep cleansing with detox mask and warm compresses
brow formation
Power Hyaluron Serum and Eye Mask
Nourishing moisturizing mask
Cell Regenerating Sea Buckthorn Rose Hip Hand Mask
Firming Shea-Orange face, décolleté and neck massage
Energy balance through selective gemstone massage
Deep Root Meditation

Afterwards it is recommended to go home to deepen the relaxation and to give rest to body and mind.


60 minutes CHF 140

Let yourself be carried into the healing depths of the green forests, let yourself fall and relax inside and outside – through earthy forest scents, sounds and touches. This treatment deeply cleanses the skin, moisturizes and strengthens it with shea butter against the effects of the environment. Special massage techniques stimulate the skin, remove toxins and create a natural glow.
The session is concluded with a self-empowerment talk. The talk helps you to strengthen, ground and manifest positive thought patterns.

Grounding shea-pine footbath
Tea and antioxidant Powershot
cleansing of face and décolleté
Deep cleansing with detox mask and warm compresses
brow formation
Serum and eye mask
Nourishing moisturizing mask
Balancing Shea-Malven face, décolleté and neck massage
Self-empowerment Talk


Crystal massage 15 min – CHF 25.00
Head massage 15 min – CHF 25.00 (hair is oily afterwards)
Manual cleaning and eyebrow shaping 20 min – CHF 30.00


The hair, although covered, can become slightly oily during the treatment.

For an ideal effect after the treatment, leave the active ingredients on the face and do not apply too much make-up.

Payment cash or via Twint directly on site.

Please provide me with important information about your state of health when booking. In case of certain illnesses, treatment is not recommended.

Inform me in case of pregnancy so that the treatment can be adjusted accordingly. Please note our pregnancy and safety policy: No treatment can be given during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Appointments that cannot be attended must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the full costs will be charged.