Tips for the treatment of dry skin with shea butter

The skin is tight, itchy and unpleasantly rough. Does this look familiar to you? These are all signs of dry skin. External influences often play a role here. You are lucky that there are helpful tips that naturally help dry facial skin, dry hands and body parts.

Dry skin occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too little oil and/or the skin’s moisture regulation is out of balance. This can have various causes. But first I will show you what you can do about dry skin.

What to do if you have dry skin? Shea butter as an allrounder!

  • Drink plenty of water every day!
  • Supply the skin with moisture and fat (both are important!)
  • Skin care adapted to the seasons and age
  • Mild care with products with few ingredients (e.g. pure shea butter)
  • Avoid too frequent washing, water removes moisture from the skin
  • Healthy, balanced lifestyle

Helper for dry skin

How is shea butter suitable for the care of dry skin?

Mild skin care is essential for dry skin. Shea butter is mild and an allrounder.

Plant oils and butter are particularly valuable for the skin because their fat structure resembles the structures in the skin barrier.

Shea Body Butter helps against dry skin
Especially good for dry skin on the face: Beauty Balm FAITH

Where does dry skin come from anyway?

Dry skin is caused by insufficient oil production in the sebaceous glands and an imbalanced moisture regulation. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Lack of liquid due to not drinking enough (hello me!)
  • External influences such as cold, wind, water, sun, heat, air conditioning, heating
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, stress, little sleep…)
  • Too aggressive shower gels, soaps, perfume & Co.
  • The natural ageing process of the skin

Dry skin can also be the cause of a disease such as neurodermatitis or contact eczema. Here, the consultation of a doctor is essential, but a healthy lifestyle and a conscious, mild skin care also helps here.

My personal favourite home remedies against dry skin

  • Mix oats with water and/or crush a ripe avocado and apply as a mask
  • Puree and massage the inside of an aloe vera leaf (alternatively aloe vera gel) on dry skin spots
  • Rub in freshly pressed carrot juice or add to the bath water together with 2-4 tablespoons of shea butter

Well then, have fun trying out the homemade remedy, applying shea butter and don’t forget: drink drink drink!


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