Facial care with shea butter

I like to say that all my money is on my face. This is, of course, completely exaggerated, but there is a real core to it: Of all the skin and self care rituals, I value the ones for the face the most.

The face is always visible and must not only withstand wind, weather and other environmental influences, but also life itself. We laugh, we cry, we kiss and we frown. Sometimes we have no choice but to let our heads fall face first into our hands – in desperation, sadness, shame or joy. Our faces are the playground of all the emotions that life has in store for us and we should take special care of them (and therefore ourselves!).

Shea butter as a nourishing moisturizer

Every skin care routine needs a good product that moisturizes and nourishes. Whether you enjoy studying ingredients and trying out the latest scientific advances or are more of a purist – unrefined organic shea butter is the ideal skin care product both as the last item in a well thought-out skin care programme and as the sole performer.

Shea butter is packed with goodness

Pure, unrefined shea butter, like MOTHER, contains valuable fatty and oleic acids as well as vitamin E and beta carotene, which act as antioxidants and thus protect the skin from free radicals. In addition, it is very similar in structure to our own natural oils and therefore doesn’t have a comedogenic effect, i.e. it does not close the pores but allows them to breathe. This is very important and means that shea butter, despite its richness, is light and well tolerated and does not disturb the skin function.

Beauty Balm FAITH for facial care


Since all SHEA YEAH products are water-free and contain few ingredients, they are very concentrated and extremely effective. So the motto is: a little goes a long way! It is better to start small and apply more little by little as needed. It is also important that everything is applied to damp skin, because this creates an emulsion and the skin can better absorb both moisture and active ingredients. For facial care, we prefer to use a hydrolate, such as rose blossom water. Then apply pure shea butter or the beauty balm FAITH with mallow and lavender and the skin is well cared for.

If other active ingredient serums are used alongside, ideally use shea butter as the last step. And don’t forget sun protection during the day!

My personal conclusion

Applied to damp skin, unrefined shea butter is an efficient and uncomplicated facial care product. I prefer Beauty Balm FAITH because it is easy to apply and I can use it in addition to facial cleansing. Simply love it.

Take good care!

Sandra G.

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