Support your locals: Visit to Salenegg Castle in Maienfeld

This year presents a lot of difficulties and hurdles – but there are also good sides to it! We, Team SHEA YEAH, have always considered the glass as «half full» and therefore try to focus mainly on positive events. One of them is, for example, our trip to the Salenegg Castle in Maienfeld.

This beautiful spot in the Bündner Herrschaft is in fact the place of origin of our new raw material, grape seed oil. The winery processes the grape seeds, a by-product of wine production, into a high-quality oil which is not only suitable as food but also as an ingredient in cosmetics due to its protective and nourishing effects. We offer grape seed oil in its pure form as a facial oil named HOPE or as a component of our hand balm called PEACE. And more products are coming soon!

We are so happy about this new Swiss raw material that we absolutely wanted to document ist production. Together with the lovely Nora Dal Cero, a great photographer and overall sweetheart, Sandra and I set off for Maienfeld. 

Schloss Salenegg Maienfeld Herkunft des Traubenkernöls
Image by Nora Dal Cero: Castle Salenegg in Maienfeld, Switzerland

Not a bad idea at all, as you can see!

The Bündner Herrschaft is really beautiful and the castle has impressed us all quite a bit. We all agreed: in our next lives, we will become princesses.

Nora (left), Sandra F. (middle) and Sandra G. (right)

It was really exciting to watch everyone involved in the harvesting process at work and to see the processes that normally tend to take place behind the scenes. The winegrowers and harvest helpers really work a lot and it is good to see how raw materials are obtained.

Ausflug Heidiland Maienfeld

Back at Salenegg Castle we were able to see how the freshly harvested grapes are processed and how the seeds are separated from the rest of the fruit. We also visited the oil press before we stocked up with one or the other bottle of wine. 

Not a princess,
but hello Heidi

She may not be a princess, but she is a folklore icon and it was clear to everyone that we had to do a short detour to Heidi village.

The result of this is, that from now on we all drink our matcha lattes out of Heidi souvenir cups.

Schloss Salenegg Traubenkernöl Herstellung

It was a thoroughly wonderful day, which we concluded with an aperitif at Lake Walen. The Swiss countryside and the treasures it offers are very appealing to us and we are very grateful to be able to purchase such a high quality Swiss oil fresh from the press at Salenegg Castle. The resulting natural cosmetic products are a joy in many ways.

Have a wonderful week.

Love, Sandra G.

Our favorites with grapeseed oil

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