Facial cleansing with shea butter

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about facial cleansing: Why it’s so important, what the Double Cleansing Method is all about, what a personal cleansing routine could look like and why shea butter-based cosmetics are so good for it.

All those who know me know that I can’t take a joke when it comes to face cleansing. (Otherwise I’m quite funny, I promise!) It is the most important step in the skincare routine and must not be neglected under any circumstances. Even the highest quality and most expensive skin care products are of no use if the skin has not been thoroughly cleansed beforehand. And by thoroughly cleansed I mean: cleansing twice, also called double cleansing.

Why facial cleansing is so important

While a simple cleansing is sufficient in the morning, a double portion is necessary in the evening. Why?
Because we wear sunscreen and make-up during the day – both products that are specifically formulated to adhere well to the skin. In addition, our face always gets the whole load of dirt that is floating around in the area and should therefore be cleaned particularly carefully.

«Shea butter is not only great for skin care, but also for cleansing! It reliably destroys everything we no longer need on our skin in the evening and is gentle and nurturing to it at the same time.»

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleaning is just that: cleaning twice in a row. There are different philosophies for this and all have their justification. For example, those who don’t like oily products use the oil-based product in a first step and then use something lighter, such as a gel cleanser. But I would strongly advise at least one oil-based cleanser, because nothing else dissolves dirt, make-up and sunscreen as effectively as oil and grease.

And this is where our much-loved shea butter comes in.

These are the steps I recommend for cleansing the face

To shed a little more light on this double cleansing with shea butter story, I’d like to share my personal evening skincare routine with you:

  1. First of all, I use a natural cosmetic micellar water on a reusable cotton pad. This is the first cleansing step.
  2. For the second cleansing step, I use the FAITH Beauty Balm with mallow and lavender scent. I warm the product in my palms and make a ritual out of it: While I treat myself to an extensive facial massage, I also have a nice relaxing aromatherapy session.
    The balm, or pure shea butter, ensures that all remnants of make-up, sunscreen and other dirt can be dissolved and removed with a damp flannel.
  3. Since the balm does not emulsify, a flannel is essential to get everything off. At the same time, it acts as a gentle exfoliator and enhances the wellness effect.
  4. After that, my skin is clean and ready for the next steps in my skincare routine. First, my beloved rose hydrosol is used, then moisture is locked in with pure shea butter or HOPE facial oil. It is important to apply these water-free products to the still damp skin.

And that’s it! No witchcraft, right?

As I said, double cleansing can look very different: You can also use the same product twice! Or first a base oil and then the FAITH balm. Or first the balm and then an emulsifying oil or a gel cleanser. The only important thing is to clean twice.

And don’t forget, it’s about both: “Skin Care” and “Self Care”. Because those who know me know that I combine the two terms quite uncompromisingly and believe that it is not only important but even essential to take time for yourself and time for your skin care.

Listen to your favorite music or podcast! Make yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of champagne – no judgement!)!

Be good to yourself and wash your face!

Alles Liebe,
Sandra G.

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