Your advantages when making your own cosmetics

More and more people are making their own cosmetics. The reason: Those who produce their own products know what is contained in them and can express themselves creatively. The trend for “green”, “ethical” or, as I like to call it, “conscious beauty” is clearly on the rise. Finally, I love it! It’s no wonder that self-made natural cosmetics, so-called do-it-yourself (DIY), are increasingly in demand.

Therefore it is worth making your own natural cosmetics

There are many good reasons to enter the universe of DIY natural cosmetics and get hands-on:

  • You know exactly what is contained in the products
  • You can adjust the ingredients to your preferences, avoid allergies & Co.
  • There are no limits to your creativity
  • You save packaging #lesswaste
  • You save money

But with all the freedom and creativity, there are some important points to consider with DIY natural cosmetics so that your natural cosmetics are safe to use. I have compiled the most important points for you in these articles:

The 6 important basic rules for producing natural cosmetics at home

Watch out with online DIY – this is how you make safe DIY cosmetics

A raw material that should never be missed

If you are planning to set up a small (or even bigger) DIY space, unrefined shea butter is one of the raw materials that should not be missing in your inventory. It is not only a source of consistency but has many advantages for skin health. You will see, with shea butter wonderful cosmetic creations can be made.

Especially people like you and me, with the need for a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, find themselves in DIY natural cosmetics and everything that goes with it. Once you have started to engage with this exciting topic, you can hardly get away from it (for real!). Welcome to the «DIY-Conscious-Beauty universe»!


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