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SHEA YEAH creates enthusiasm among the lions

In order to further spread the philosophy of water-free natural cosmetics, it has been clear to me for some time that I would also like to become active beyond the Swiss borders. So the request from the production company to participate in the casting of the VOX start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" was just perfect! Because here, on the one hand, I come into contact with successful investors and at the same time receive valuable feedback from the viewer community. So I started to go through the usual application process.

My mission: to find an investor who would support me in spreading my vision and positioning water-free natural cosmetics made from natural ingredients in the best possible way. So I introduced our colorful and rich creams - and was overwhelmed by the valuable feedback from investors.

An exciting moment for our company

SHEA YEAH convinces Ralf Dümmel

Ralf Dümmel was particularly positive and enthusiastic during the pitch. His positive manner and his commitment to our products were exactly what we had hoped for. That's why we pitched. We are happy that from now on he is a part of SHEA YEAH and supports us wherever he can. Together we make SHEA YEAH better known, bigger and available for everyone.

The work was not long in coming. Immediately after the recording, we sat down with him and his team and started taking stock of the situation, our ideas and further development possibilities.

It was great to see his entire team so committed to us and making our wishes and ideas come true. This applies to the entire value chain: from production and branding to positioning in the supermarkets, drugstores and grocery stores - a complete success for a SHEA YEAH!

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