What is water-free skincare and what is the advantage?

Water-free skincare are cosmetic formulations that do not contain water. This has the advantage that they are highly concentrated, full of active ingredients and without emulsifiers or preservatives. Learn in this article more about water-free natural skincare and why they are beneficial for your skin.

Is the product certified natural skincare?

All products are certified according to the COSMOS standard. The Lip balm and the hand balm fulfill the conditions to COSMOS Natural. The other products are certified according to COSMOS Organic.

Why was this certification chosen?

The COSMOS seal is an internationally recognized natural cosmetics seal with the highest requirements. The acceptance of the seal goes beyond the borders of Switzerland and Germany (meanwhile 26'000 certified products in 70 countries). The COSMOS standard is the result of a cooperation of European standard organizations and certification bodies.

How long are the products shelf life?

The lip balm has a shelf life of at least 30 months and is marked with a 12M jar. All other products have a shelf life of at least 24 months and are given a specific expiration date.

Do the products contain preservatives or emulsifiers?

Since the products do not contain any water, preservatives and emulsifiers can be dispensed with completely. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is used as a stabilizer, which not only has benefits not only for stability but also for the skin. Cheap mineral oils as fillers are not used. Learn here more about water-free natural skincare.

Do the products contain questionable ingredients such as microplastics, mineral oils etc.?

No, the products are completely free of microplastics, mineral oils and other substances that are harmful to the environment and health.

Do the products contain animal ingredients?

All SHEA YEAH products are purely plant-based and therefore vegan.

Are the products tested on animals?

No, neither the individual raw materials nor the end products have ever been tested on animals.

Are the products gluten-free?

All products except the hand balm are gluten-free.

Do the products contain palm oil?

No, there is no palm oil in the products.

Do the products contain synthetic fragrances?

No, the products do not contain synthetic fragrances.

Are there also products without fragrances?

Yes, the belly butter is completely unscented.

Are the products dermatologically tested?

Yes, the products are dermatologically tested.

Are there tester sizes of the of the products?

No, there are no tester sizes.

What kind of material is the packaging?

The lip balm has plastic packaging as its primary packaging. All other products have aluminum jars. We were able to do without secondary packaging until the end of 2021. In order to protect the product at the point of sale and to be able to fulfill the declaration obligation for the placement of mandatory information in the cosmetics ordinance, we can now no longer do without secondary packaging. For all secondary packaging, we ensure that it is sourced from sustainable sources and use FSC-certified cardboard packaging.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes. Both forms of packaging (plastic and aluminum) are recyclable.

Why is there no refill system?

There are several reasons for this. Due to the filling mechanism and consistency, a refill system is not possible. In addition, cleaning the used jars for refilling, especially with water-free skincare, would be very time-consuming and anything but resource-saving. It makes more sense to recycle the aluminum jars correctly.

Why does SHEA YEAH use plastic?

First of all, except for the lip balm, all products are filled in aluminum jars. For the lip balm virgin PP and PE are used as plastic. The packaging is characterized by its good and at the same time robustness, which the packaging material brings with it. Both types of plastic can be added to the recycling loop, ensuring that the material can be reused. material is guaranteed. The choice of the "right packaging" is very complex. The packaging has to withstand various criteria such as cosmetic handling during use, environmental and social sustainability or aesthetics.


How to use water-less natural skincare correctly?

Water-free skincare should be applied to damp skin whenever possible. Why this is so and also everything else about the application, you can find out here.

Why is my skin so oily after applying of the product?

Since the products do not contain water, they are highly concentrated. When applying the product, it is therefore important that only a small amount of the product is used. Follow the instructions on the packaging. In this blog post you will also learn how to use water-free natural skincare.

I reacted to the product, what is the reason?

Intolerances are individual and unpredictable, but occur extremely rarely. A sensitivity to a single ingredient can occur suddenly and spontaneously. The cause of an intolerance is not a defective product, but often in the personal disposition of the person affected. If you want to make sure that you tolerate the product, we recommend a tolerance test on the forearm.

Why do I have to apply the product to damp skin?

The application of the products on damp skin has to do with the fact that it is a water-free formulation. You can find out why this is the case here.

How do I store the products the right way?

Ideally, the products are stored in a cool and dark place, the bathroom cabinet is a good place and fits perfectly. Do not store the products in the refrigerator and do not expose them to direct sunlight.

My product has melted in the heat, is it now broken?

Since the products are made from natural raw materials and without water, their consistency may change slightly depending on the temperature. However, this does not affect the quality and the products can still be used without any problems. The lip balm is stable even at high temperatures (40°C) and can still be used as usual. If applied too firmly, dents may appear on the surface. However, this does not affect the quality of the lip balm. The hand bald should also remain stable at high temperatures (40°C). The consistency becomes significantly softer as the temperature rises, the product can still be used without problems. The mass will only start to become liquid at approx. 45°. When cooling (if melted) to room temperature, possible crystallization may occur, which will cause the surface to become less smooth. However, the product can still be used without any problems. All other products should be stored in a cool and dry place. At high temperatures (> 40°C) the product will liquefy. When cooling down to normal room temperature, the original consistency may no longer be achieved. The surface is no longer smooth, but slightly cracked. The products can still be used without any problems.

For which skin types are the products?

The products are suitable for all skin types. The application can be adjusted depending on the skin type. Especially popular are the products for dry as well as mature skin.

I have very sensitive skin. Can I still use the products?

Yes but in this case, a compatibility test on the forearm is recommended.

Are the products also suitable for allergy sufferers / neurodermatitis / couperose etc?

Since neurodermatitis or couperose are skin diseases, we recommend a consultation with a dermatologist. Either way, we always recommend a compatibility test on the forearm. Especially if skin diseases, intolerances or allergies are known. are known.

Can I use the products on my face?

Yes, they are relatively rich products and a little balm or butter goes a long way on the face. Especially after showering or face wash the products can be applied on the damp face, especially in winter or with very dry skin this skincare routine has many benefits.

Are the products suitable for pregnancy?

Yes, there are no concerns here with all products. Especially for the care during SHEA YEAH belly butter is ideally suited for pregnancy butter. This product was created for body care during and after pregnancy. It contains “women herbs” such as lady mantle. No fragrances are used and is very gentle and caring for the skin.

Can I use the products on my child?

Yes, without any problems. Since the lip balm is a small package, care should be taken that it is not inadvertently be careful that they are not accidentally swallowed by children.


For what are herbs used in skin care good?

Herbs have valuable ingredients that protect, nourish and support the skin's natural health. No wonder that herbs have been used for thousands of years for beauty care. Learn here more about the herbs in the products.

Where do the herbs come from?

The herbs all come from Switzerland, meaning they are grown there or grow wild, collected and extracted. Depending on the year and the harvest, the growing area within Switzerland may vary. vary. Learn more about the herbs in the products here.


What is shea butter good for in skin care?

The vegetable fat shea butter has various benefits for skin care. Especially when it is unrefined such as the SHEA YEAH shea butter. Learn more about unrefined shea butter here.

Is this shea butter refined or unrefined?

The shea butter from SHEA YEAH is unrefined. Learn more about the difference between refined and unrefined shea butter.

Where does the shea butter come from?

The unrefined shea butter that SHEA YEAH uses comes from northern Ghana, in West Africa. Learn more about the origin here.

Why does shea butter have a scent?

Like all natural fats and oils, e.g. a cold-pressed olive oil, unrefined shea butter also has its own natural scent. This can vary slightly depending on the year and harvest. In SHEA YEAH products, the scent is subtle because the shea butter is mixed with other raw materials.


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders over CHF 60. If the order value is less than CHF 60, shipping costs CHF 8. An overview of the shipping costs can be found in our shipping costs table.

Is the delivery abroad possible?

Our current delivery countries can be found in our shipping costs table. Orders outside of Switzerland can be placed over Amazon. From mid-2023 at the latest, we will offer shipping to the EU via this online shop. Thank you for your patience and for using Amazon until then.

When will my order be shipped?

Shipping will take place no later than the next business day after confirmed receipt of payment or guaranteed payment confirmation by a third-party provider.

When will my item be delivered?

The delivery time is usually 2-3 working days. Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.

With which provider will my order be shipped?

The goods will be sent by Liechtenstein or Swiss post.

Where is my order?

As soon as your goods are shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the shipment tracking. you can check the status of your shipment at any time.

Is there a minimum order value or maximum amount for my order?

There is no minimum order value in our shop. From CHF 60, we deliver free of shipping costs, regardless of whether this is one or more items. There is no maximum amount for the order.

Can I return the goods?

For reasons of health protection and hygiene, the products are not suitable for return if their seal has been removed after delivery.

My name/address has changed.

You can quickly and easily change your name and address yourself online in your user account. There you can edit both the billing address and the delivery address. To change the billing address or to change the delivery address of an order you have already placed, contact us at hello@sheayeah.com.

Why have I not received an order confirmation?

Immediately after your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If this is not the case, please check your spam folder. In exceptional cases, it may inadvertently be classified as spam. If you do not find an e-mail address in the spam folder, it is possible that your e-mail address was incorrect or that the order got stuck in our system. In both cases, please contact our customer service at hello@sheayeah.com with your name and address and, if possible, the order number.