Vorteile von wasserfreier Kosmetik für Deine Hautpflege

Advantages of waterfree cosmetics for your skincare

The number one ingredient in many cosmetic products is water. But where there is water, preservatives and emulsifiers are never far away. Here you can learn all about the advantages of so-called "water-free cosmetics" and why we are passionate about this philosophy.

We all know it: The good old comfrey or marigold ointment from grandmother's time. In the past, not so long ago, these ointments were part of every household's inventory. But they have been replaced by new, lighter and more exotic recipes. What sounds exciting at first and certainly makes for a nice "wellness effect" is not necessarily better for the skin, however. Because sometimes, I find, less can indeed be more.


This is why you will love water-free natural cosmetics

  1. The formulations are purer and more potent as they contain no emulsifiers, preservatives or other fillers.

  2. The formulations are highly concentrated and therefore very economical in use. This has the advantage that the entire use cycle of the product is significantly longer, which in turn saves resources. #lowconsumptionbeauty

  3. The third reason is that you can individually adjust the proportion of moisture and oil to the needs of your skin when using the products. For example, our skin needs significantly more oil in winter than in summer.

waterfree cosmetics are highly concentrated and
very little is needed per application!


waterfree products have the advantage of being free of fillers, emulsifiers and preservatives.

Water and its companions

Water in itself is not a problem for the skin. On the contrary, water is even very important for our skincare. But instead of putting water in the product, we swear by water that comes directly from the tap. In this way, we can simply avoid the companions that go hand in hand with water. In other words, water-free cosmetics should be used whenever possible, on the damp skin. Now let's take a look at the excipients of water in cosmetic formulations:

Water contaminated without preservatives

Water forms microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi within a few days. It is then contaminated and can be harmful to health. That is why it is imperative to preserve recipes with water.

Emulsifiers combine water and fat

As is well known, oils and water cannot be mixed. Think of a salad dressing with vinegar and oil that also keeps separating. This is exactly where emulsifiers come into play. They combine both substances with each other.

The PH value must come into balance

The skin is surrounded by a protective acid mantle. As the name suggests, its pH value is in the acidic range between 4.5 and approx. 5.6. Water has a pH value of 7. In order not to irritate the protective acid mantle, the pH value of the care product should be adjusted to that of the skin. This is usually done by adding other ingredients to the product.

Cosmetic products that contain water,
always come together with excipients!

Pure benefit

Waterfree natural skincare are a pure blessing for your skin! They care for your skin with full plant power and protect it from emulsifiers, preservatives and pH regulators. The high concentration of the products also has the advantage that they can be used in a wide range of applications and thus save packaging, space and ultimately transport.

If you wonder whether waterfree natural skincare have an ecological water footprint, you'll find out more here.



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