With care to the choice of raw materials


We procure all our raw materials with great care. For both shea butter and Swiss herbs, we go back to the source - to where the plants grow naturally.

Although they come from very different parts of the world, both ingredients are based on an ancient tradition. Both are of great value to our skin. Learn their stories and find out how they work purely and naturally!

Get to know our products

Cold pressed & unrefined - for a good reason.

We use cold-pressed vegetable oils and unrefined vegetable butters for our products wherever possible, because they are pure power for our skin. Gentle manufacturing processes preserve vitamins and other valuable ingredients. Oil and butter are actually quite different in texture. Oils spread well on the skin and are quickly absorbed. Butter, on the other hand, is rather heavy, sometimes viscous and is usually absorbed more slowly. However, if you combine them skillfully, the result is true magic textures!


Shea butter from Ghana

Unrefined shea butter is pure plant power for natural skin care. It gives suppleness, care and gives the skin a beautiful glow. No wonder it is a very popular ingredient in many products of our everyday life - from lip care, to body butter, to lotions and, what many don't know, in food.

Unlike industrially produced shea butter, our shea butter is the production of our shea butter takes place in the country of origin and even in the communities. Our local partner ensures that value is maximized at the community level. The women are supported in their work by pre-funding them or investing in their production facilities to improve working conditions and thus working conditions and thus making their work easier.


Swiss herbs

It is not for nothing that it is said that there is a herb for everything. Plants, properly used, can do us good in the soul, but also on the skin. The herbal world of Switzerland offers a home to a great variety of plants and herbs due to its different altitudes. These herbs have proven their worth for centuries in many different ways.

The valuable knowledge of herbs has been passed on in monasteries, drugstores and by farmers for many generations. generations. The herbs in our products come from herb-growing cooperatives in various regions of different regions of Switzerland. Depending on the year and harvest, the origin of the herbs can vary among the different altitudes and regions may vary.

"For us, "natural", "organic" and "vegan" are just the beginning. We want even more and therefore place particular emphasis on a clear origin and gentle production of raw materials, the recycling of high-quality waste products and the elimination of water in our recipes."