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Beautiful skin feeling thanks to clear ingredients

Organic shea butter directly from the producer

Customer testimonials

4.8/ 5.0 (86 ratings)

I suffer very much from dry skin. Since I started using this body butter, my skin is no longer so dry. I often had dry patches again very quickly after applying other creams, but that hasn't happened with this one so far. I am very happy to have discovered this.

Anna from Aarau

Unbelievable how rich this Shea Yeah Butter is. One size of a hazelnut is so very productive. After application, the skin is fine and soft. The super smell of fresh oranges supports the relaxing feeling. I always buy again very gladly.

Miriam from Bern

The body butter literally melts in your hand and is absorbed wonderfully into the skin without leaving an oily film! The scent (orange) is also very nice.

Ben from Zurich

The best hand balm. Since the pandemic, my girlfriend's hands have been very affected, cracks are painful and open. Tried many hand creams and got nothing. It's been a week and this balm is the best! All wounds are closed. The hands are supple and soft.

Marco from Cologne

Who is behind SHEA YEAH

The story

Plagued by sensitive skin, Sandra, a trained farmer and natural cosmetician, sought and found new ways with her beauty brand SHEA YEAH: Sustainable natural cosmetics with few ingredients, no additives and completely without water.

In 2022, the founder won the VOX TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen". Two investors wanted to grab the deal with the young beauty start-up.

Economical in application

Natural, vegan and fair

Shea butter based natural cosmetics

Together with a reputable pharmacy in Zurich, the SHEA YEAH product line was developed using only ingredients of clear origin: unrefined organic shea butter from a women's cooperative in Ghana and organic herbs from Switzerland.

The all-in-one care products are particularly gentle on the skin, versatile and offer long-lasting care effects for all skin types.


Yes, the Body Butter (Belly Butter) is unscented. It smells like unrefined shea butter and cold-pressed vegetable oils.

Yes, you can use body butter for your face. You can find out how in this video.

Our shea butter is unrefined. This is like cold-pressed, meaning the vitamins and other great ingredients are preserved. This is valuable for your skin. You can learn all about the difference here.

You will receive the products by post 2-3 working days after you have placed your order.