Water-free, vegan and caring for your skin - SHEA YEAH natural cosmetics.

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For those who love the natural plant power of Mother Earth and like to know what's in it, you've come to the right place. The Swiss brand SHEA YEAH formulates water-free natural cosmetics out of conviction. With organic certified shea butter from Ghana and Swiss herbs - simply naturally good.

What makes SHEA YEAH so special




We completely eliminate water in the formulations. As a result, the products are very pure, highly concentrated and particularly high-yielding and can be used sparingly.


No animal products are used in SHEA YEAH natural cosmetics products. We do this out of conviction and for the sake of our environment and animals.


We do not require any additional preservatives, emulsifiers or minerals for our cosmetics. We believe that less can be more.


We love nature and the opportunities it offers us. That's why the ingredients for our products come from certified organic farming whenever possible.

Shea butter
from Ghana

Shea butter is obtained from the shea trees in Africa, more specifically, that of SHEA YEAH comes from Ghana. It is particularly suitable for skin care, as it is moisturizing and nourishing for almost all skin types.

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from Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its colorful variety of herbs. They are full of numerous healthy ingredients and are ideal for nourishing the skin in a natural way.

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Our Story

The concept behind SHEA YEAH

We concentrate on the essentials. With our extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and active ingredients of Swiss herbs and shea butter, we create a care line with Passion that rethinks time-tested plant traditions.

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The blog

We are here to dive into the world of plant alchemy with you, share beauty tips and applications, take a closer look at the topic of natural cosmetics and much more!

Shea Body Butter Guide

Shea Body Butter Guide

So unterschiedlich wie wir Menschen auch sind, so unterschiedlich sind auch unsere Vorlieben. Während die Einen ein und dasselbe Produkt als Allrou...

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Our SHEA YEAH quality promise

At SHEA YEAH, we believe in nature. It is important for us to provide you with natural products that are good for you and give your skin what it needs. That's why we formulate water-free formulas and completely avoid preservatives, emulsifiers and mineral oils. We source all our raw materials with great care. Our products are made from natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. They are not tested on animals and are vegan. In this way, we want to take into account the needs of our environment in addition to the needs of your skin. Our natural cosmetics are therefore always geared towards the well-being of your skin, caring for it and protecting it ideally from external environmental influences.


Our water-free natural cosmetics are based on two factors: Ghanaian shea butter from controlled organic cultivation and various swiss herbs. Although the two places of origin of our main ingredients could not be more different, they form a wonderfully harmonious symbiosis in SHEA YEAH.
With the unrefined shea butter as well as the herbs - be it marigold, lemon balm, lady's mantle or mallow - we go back to their origins. To the savannah landscape in northern Ghana and to various mountains and valleys in Switzerland. As these are natural products, their texture can vary somewhat depending on the harvest year and batch. We find this uniqueness wonderful. Because it allows us to feel nature in the product and ultimately on our skin.