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The story behind SHEA YEAH

We rethink time-honored traditions!

Through an education as a farmer in a Swiss women's convent Sandra, the founder of SHEA YEAH, came to the fascination for the production of ointments, balms and oil extracts. There, it was common practice to make one's own creams and the like for everyday use with the help of numerous Swiss herbs. These natural cosmetic recipes according to old traditions were very appealing to her sensitive skin and from then on Sandra mixed her own cosmetics.

Frauenkloster Schweitz
Pflanzen-Tradition Ghana

She came to the unusual combination of these herbs with unrefined shea butter when she felt the soothing and moisturizing effects on her own body during a stay in Ghana. She incorporated them into her previous formulas and was thrilled with the results. Since then, Ghanaian shea butter and Swiss herbs have been fused together to create SHEA YEAH's water-free natural cosmetic products.

The founder

I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. After school and a commercial apprenticeship I packed my bags to discover the wide world. On the way I fell in love with a circus artist and from then on I earned my living as a street performer. Back in Switzerland I worked as a trainer in a children's circus and also performed there as a variety artist. I spent the winter months in the mountains - skiing during the day and working in a hotel at night.

Later, I trained as a farmer's wife in a women's convent, worked in various fields and then learned the online business from scratch at a web design agency. When I moved to the communications department of an international non-profit organization, I started to build up SHEA YEAH on the side.

In addition to my existing knowledge, I continued my education to become a natural cosmetician. After four years with SHEA YEAH as a part-time job, I ventured into self-employment in 2020. Today I can say that I am glad to have taken this step. Today, my diverse professional experiences combine perfectly in my everyday work. Who would have thought that :)

Less is more - Water-free natural cosmetics

However, the good old calendula and comfrey ointments, which were mixed according to old recipes by our mothers and grandmothers, were always without water. Today, this so-called "waterless beauty principle" is experiencing a new boom worldwide - and rightly so, because waterless cosmetics have many benefits for people and the environment. Learn more in our blog.


The conscious focus on ingredients

Wherever possible, we focus on organically grown, wild and natural ingredients. Our shea butter is unrefined and comes from controlled organic cultivation. Herbs are 100% sourced from Switzerland and are time-tested. Vegetable oils are also used cold-pressed whenever possible. Only the bare essentials go into our formulas to keep your skin glowing.

#skinimalism #lessbutbetter

For shea butter and herbs, we go straight back to the source of the plants: to Ghana and Switzerland. In both places, valuable knowledge around plants has been cultivated and thus preserved for generations. With the best from both countries, we create care products for a whole new skin feeling.





in Germany

For a conscious approach to production

For us, working with suitable partners who share our philosophy is the most important ingredient for honest business. That's why we work with a production partner who cares as much about sustainable practices as we do. As an innovator, developer and manufacturer of high-quality (natural) cosmetics, the company has been balancing its CO2 emissions, among other things, since 2016 and has been reducing emissions ever since. . The topic of diversity is also actively addressed and always present in the company.

The high level of internal awareness with regard to sustainability ensures a conscious focus among employees in the manufacture of products. For example, it has been possible to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated during production. Investment in resource-efficient production technology also enables material and energy savings.

In addition, all of our partner's activities are to be climate-neutral by the end of 2022. The CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided will be neutralized through appropriate compensation. We are proud to have such a conscious partner at our side and to constantly improve together with them.

Our milestones since the foundation

2016: SHEA YEAH online store goes live

2017: Extensive product research in the country of origin of shea butter, Ghana

2017: Move into the first production facility - a studio in Zurich's Old Town

2018: Membership in Global Shea Alliance

2018: Visit to the Shea Center in Ghana

2018: Listing of the first SHEA YEAH products in selected pharmacies, drugstores and grocery stores in Switzerland

2018: The first media response

2019: Training as a natural cosmetician

2019: Visit of the Global Shea Conference in Ghana

2019: Start of the cooperation with the Bellevue pharmacy

2021: Appearance on the Vox start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" - Ralf Dümmel joins as an investor

2022: Broadcast of the show and start of sales throughout the EU region

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