That's why this body butter belongs on damp skin

Water in cosmetics always comes with a number of additives that do nothing for our skin health. That's why we completely avoid water in all our formulations. And yet water is of great importance for skin health. Does that sound confusing? I'll clear things up for you here and show you why the Body Butter is so important. & Belly Butter on damp skin.

The skin loves natural fats in combination with water. It is easy to understand why this is so when you look at the processes of the skin: Its own all-natural protection against drying out consists of the same components: A fat coat formed from sebaceous and sweat glands, also called the acid mantle or hydrolipid mantle. In a manner of speaking, this is your personal moisturiser for intact skin health.

However, this natural protection is impaired, even disturbed, in many people. This can show itself, for example, in dry, irritated or brittle skin. The causes for a disturbed acid mantle can be diverse. Whether it is due to excessive hygiene, irritating or too many ingredients or illnesses.


Remember: Less can be more!


Die Body Butter with Calendula Orange oder die Unscented Belly Butter with lady's mantle and rose hips can support this natural skin protection. Since they do not contain water, we have to supply it externally. And that via our tap water! (Actually, it makes more sense than paying dearly for water in the product anyway). Now that you have learned about the acid mantle, it is self-explanatory why we need water. The great thing about it is that it has several advantages.


A very small amount of body butter per application will go a long way. 

The 4 benefits of applying to damp skin

- The residual moisture on the skin is trapped in the form of moisture by the Body Butter or Belly Butter and prevents it from evaporating.

- The products are absorbed more quickly into the skin.

- I find the skin feeling more pleasant than when applied to dry skin.

- The products are even more economical than usual. For example, one fingertip of body butter is enough for an entire arm.

    Water-free natural cosmetics belong on moist skin whenever possible.

    My personal tip for use on damp skin

    I apply the Body Butter right after I shower. When I get out of the shower, I dry myself not quite thoroughly, take the Body Butter and quickly melt it into a golden oil in the palm of my hand. Then I spread it on the still damp skin everywhere my body needs care. And you'll be amazed how little Body Butter is needed. A little bit really goes a long way!

    The skin needs a combination of oil AND moisture.
    Means, for waterfree cosmetics, help is needed: Your tap water!

    If you want to learn more about water-free natural cosmetics and their benefits, you will find this here.


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