Einblicke in die Globale Shea-Konferenz (GSA)

Insights from the Global Shea Conference (GSA)

The Global Shea Alliance (GSA), of which SHEA YEAH is also a member, organises various events around the "shea industry". One of them is the Shea Conference.

The annual international Shea Conference took place again in 2019. This time in Accra, Ghana. And yes, there really is a Shea Conference :-) Representatives of the food and cosmetics industry from Burkina Faso, Benin, Uganda, Holland, UK, Mali, USA, Nigeria and Ghana - to name a few - took part.

The three-day programme was planned almost non-stop with many exciting panel sessions, workshops, discussions and small business trainings. A Shea exhibition took place parallel to the event. Brands, logisticians, NGOs & Co. presented their products and services.

Exhibition around shea butter

Conference hall where the lectures took place

Here is an insight into a few items on the programme:

- Shea Butter: A High Potential Ingredient for the Food Industry

- From Farm to Shelf: Delivering Handcrafted Butter to the Consumer

- Innovations in Marketing: Reaching Consumers with the Shea Story

- From Shea Women Collectors to the World

- Understanding Value Addition in Africa

- Managing Export Risks

- Supply Chain Analysis: Lifecycle Assessment

- Climate Change Adaptation in the African Shea Savannah

- Building Resilient Landscapes and Livelihoods

- New Techniques for Tree Planting

- Lessons Learnt in Tree Planting

- Promoting Environmental Protection through Indigenous Knowledge

- Ensuring Shea Traceability from Savannah to Warehouse: Mobile GPS Tracking

    Neue Partner treffen - Ausstellung rund um Sheabutter

    Kurze Pause, langer Tag 

    They were very enriching days for me and SHEA YEAH. I already know a lot about shea butter through my intensive involvement with this raw material over the past few years. But at the conference I learned a lot more. I received answers to open questions. Especially topics that are very close to my heart, such as sustainability (treeplanting, income, roasting alternatives etc.) were brought closer to me. I have been working with Swiss herbs for many years and am still learning more and more. As we all know, you never stop learning :-)


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