Natural cosmetics is new territory? Tips & Tricks

Are you new to the world of natural cosmetics? Then this article is perfect for you because you will learn tips and tricks about natural cosmetics and the conversion to it. To start with: many people find the switch to natural skin care very pleasant right from the start, so you shouldn't and don't have to make any compromises!

What you need to know about natural cosmetics

Omitting chemicals from your own skincare routine is like omitting processed foods from your diet. The body first goes through a sort of detoxification process to eliminate the, toxins present in the products. Certain people feel this, but most do not. Especially with personal care products, it is relatively uncomplicated.

The good thing about any switch to natural skin care products is that the skin always comes back to its natural balance. Especially if you simplify your skin care routine. Because often less can be more.

Especially water-free natural cosmetics are very gentle and beneficial for the skin and give it a natural glow.

Why does the consistency of natural cosmetic products change?

Since it is a natural product, each ingredient reacts differently to temperatures. Shea butter for example, has its melting point between 32 and 42 degrees, coconut oil on the other hand, already at 25 degrees. Almond oil is always in a liquid state. It is therefore a normal process that the products change in consistency depending on the temperature. Basically, it can be said that known as. the application is quite simple is. And otherwise you can always help yourself out: If the product is too hard, it can be placed in a warm place, such as a radiator. If it is too soft / liquid place in a cool place. The consistency has no influence on the quality of the product.

Also, it is totally normal that there may be slight differences in consistency, color and smell between batches. This is due to the fact that we work with natural raw materials and they, in turn, vary depending on the harvest.

How should I store my products?

Since the products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives & co., there are a few simple rules to follow, just like with fresh food.

Try to protect the products from heat and direct sunlight. Imagine an orange or a banana in summer, lying on a sunny windowsill, ripening quickly and then starting to rot. SHEA YEAH products will not go bad, but the natural consistency may change. Therefore, it is important not to expose them to direct sunlight but to store them at room temperature whenever possible.

What else do I have to pay attention to?

In general it is recommended, especially if you have sensitive skin, to do a small allergy test on the underside of your forearm before use. small allergy test before use. This is done by applying a little bit of the product on the forearm. Then wait a few hours and observe whether redness or other irritations occur.

If you have any questions or if you are unsure about the use of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. And now I would say let's try it!


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