From the Kitchen to the World - The SHEA YEAH Founders' Trail

What started in the kitchen at home, via a small studio in Zurich's old town finally found its way into the laboratory of a renowned Zurich pharmacy, takes off again! SHEA YEAH - what a journey!

Let me tell you the story from the beginning. Well, not quite from the beginning, because you can read about it in the "About" section. Let's start in 2016; since then I have been producing the water-free natural cosmetic products for SHEA YEAH with my own hands. With me are hard-working production assistants and a great lab manager from Bellevue Apotheke in Zurich - thank you! But slowly but surely the pots for stirring are too big and the storage space too small. And also organizationally I somehow can't keep up at all. Because there are a lot of other things to do besides product manufacturing: Brand building, back office, marketing, sales, logistics & Co.

"Handmade in Zurich", sore muscles in the upper arms and nightly logistics operations are now a thing of the past. Honestly, I'm not even that unhappy about it!

Production by hand - past

Work in progress - brand development with YORK in Zurich.

Servus, Bonjour, Moin, Hello, Ciao

It is a long-awaited wish (also repeatedly brought to me from the outside) to supply customers in neighboring countries with water-free natural cosmetics in combination with unrefined organic shea butter from Ghana and herbs from Switzerland. But it definitely takes a lot more power than my own two hands.

And now the time has actually come! The step to expand the activities of SHEA YEAH internationally is a very big one for me. Especially since I have preferred many small steps to the really big steps so far. Despite a lot of preparations and considerations, I have a lot of respect - from logistics, production, all the administrative work, legal issues and regulations. The path is turbulent and full of unforeseeable surprises. But as they say: The way is the goal! (I know, easier said than then really patiently followed).

At the production partner in Germany

Ready to visit the production

Researched, developed and produced

After a lot of research in advance, I finally worked together with great partners in Germany over several months on the existing recipes. These were further developed, adapted, reshaped... until we were finally thoroughly satisfied with the result (a loud YEAH at this point!). This sounds so simple and can be told so quickly.

But in reality, it was a long and intense process. And then my clear, not always easy, specifications and ideas play into it :-) So the shea butter from Ghana must be unrefined (no, the compromise to use refined shea butter was never an option even if it would be easier), the herbs 100% grown, harvested and processed in Switzerland, all ingredients vegan and whenever possible organic. And then the whole thing without water, not easy!

Knacknuss production water-free natural cosmetics

In addition to all the "basic requirements", water-free cosmetics are also quite a pain to produce. For example, the mass of shea butter, oils and herbal extracts must have exactly the right temperature so that they can be filled and cooled well. Not so easy! And as I said, this is just one example of many....

Thank you thank you thank you to the community

The effort, the sleepless nights, the preparatory work over the past years, the eye for detail, the consistency and the perseverance have (hopefully) paid off. My motivation is still as it was on day 1 - no, actually even greater!
All this would not have been possible without such a strong and motivating community. So a big, endless thank you to all of you for your loyalty and trust in SHEA YEAH and me.



Ich habe vor drei Jahren Shea Yeah von einer Freundin als alles-wird-wieder-gut-Geschenk nach meiner Handgelenks-OP gekriegt. Ich hatte damals unglücklicherweise mein Handgelenk gebrochen, welche durch eine gelungene OP wieder tipptopp hergestellt werden konnte! Ich hab Shea Yeah dabei nebst der Körperpflege auch gleich mit zur Narbenbehandlung verwendet. Die Narben sind mittlerweile hervorragend verheilt und fast unsichtbar! Yeah!! Also nicht nur ein herrlich nachhaltiges Produkt! Es birgt weitere wohltuende Geheimnisse! Ich bin super glücklich damit und kann es nur weiterempfehlen!
«Viele Dank liebe Sandra fir d Herstellig vo Shea Yeah! »

Nicole June 27, 2022

Ich bestelle seit fast 2 Jahren bei Sheayeah.
Ich suchte nach einer wasserfreien Kosmetik, welche ich idealerweise auch gleich für meine Kinder nutzen kann. Gesucht, Sheayeah – gefunden! Nach wie vor ein grosser Fan! Habe schon manche Geschenksets und Produkte zu Feiertagen oder Geburtstagen verschenkt. Ich bin durch Sheayeah total auf den Geschmack von Shea Butter gekommen.

Liebi Sandra,
e grosses Danke für die tolle Produkt!
Witer so! Ich freue mich jetzt scho, die neue Produkt uszprobierä!!! :-)

Désirée H. April 06, 2022

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