Anwendung SHEA YEAH Produkte

Application of SHEA YEAH products

Here we show you everything about the application of SHEA YEAH products. They are a little different in application than we know from conventional natural skincare products. Because they are formulated without waterUsed in the right way, it is very simple and really beautiful!

Lip Balm Lemon Balm

Apply a thin layer of lip balm to the lips. It does not differ much in application from other lip balms except that it contains twice the amount of lip balm than classic lip care products.

Hand Balm rasperry-mallow-peach

The application of this water-free hand balm is different from a "normal hand cream". Because here the consistency is highly concentrated, it reacts to temperatures (hello weather!), is hard and sometimes a bit crumbly at the edges.

For the Hand Balm receipe, it was very important to us that it is not to greasy, that it soak in faster than the Body Butter and still cares for the skin in depth.

1. take out a pea-sized portion with your finger/fingernail.

2. melt it in the palm of your hand with your body heat to form an oil.

3. spread the oil on your hands

4. and you're done!

If you have very dry hands, we recommend the following procedure before sleeping:
Wash your hands with water, dry them lightly and then apply the hand balm generously. Then go to bed and be surprised how soft your skin feels in the morning. It works like a "hand mask" and has already provided many customers with gently cared for hands.


Body Butter Orange
Tattoo Balm Lavender
Belly Butter unscented

These 3 products are the same in terms of application. They can all be used as "classic body butter". Rub a small amount of product into the palms of your hands until it melts. Then apply to damp skin. For example, one fingertip is enough for the skin of one arm.

1. take out a pea-sized portion with your finger/fingernail.

2. melt it in the palm of your hand with your body heat to form an oil.

3. spread the oil on your hands

4. and you're done!

Find out why the product is even more effective on damp skin here! 

You can use the Tattoo Balm and the Belly Butter as a
as "normal" body butter on your entire body.

tattoo balm shea yeah

Why is it explicitly called "Tattoo Balm" and "Belly Butter"?

We are actually big fans of multifunctional products. However, it has become apparent in recent years that many customers were overwhelmed with so-called "all-rounder products". The products need to be explained and we received many enquiries, such as: 

- What can I use for my feet?
- What can I use to care for my tattoos?
- What do I use for my hands?
- What can I use for skincare during pregnancy?
- What can I use to cream my legs?

For this reason, we have decided to assign 2 products to a "special use" - namely those with the most requests. As with so many things, sometimes you have to make adjustments and try something out. This is exactly the case here. We will see if this works better or not. Building a range is a process, a journey, something that moves and, in our opinion, never stands still. In addition, at the end of the day, every skin is different and reacts individually to products.

We are always open for input and ideas - thank you for your feedback, this is what keeps us going!

We recommend: Try it out, give the skin some time and then see how it feels after approx. 28 days (this is how long a skin renewal cycle lasts).

Click here for the products - enjoy!




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