So begann meine Kräuter-Reise!

This is how my herbal journey began!

Since I completed my training as a farmer in a women's convent in 2008, I have been involved with herbs. There we pickled herbs in vinegar and oil for delicious dishes, we made compresses with herbs for health, mixed tea, sewed scented pillows, made herbal salt and herbal cosmetics. I was blown away and my love for herbs was awakened! I am and remain enthusiastic to this day!

Kloster BäuerinnenausbildungPlace of learning: monastery garden

Over the last few years I have experimented a lot, especially in connection with herbs and skin. I gradually incorporated my knowledge into my personal natural cosmetics creations and later into those of SHEA YEAH. At the beginning I didn't know that one day I would live from my natural cosmetics :-) But as this became clearer and clearer, I also trained as a holistic natural cosmetician to round off my knowledge.

The herbs I use in the recipes of SHEA YEAH are among my favourites. I have experimented with them a lot and they are wonderful. You can find more information about the individual herbs in the products here.

Herb Garden: Mallow

My goal has always been to rethink time-tested traditions around plants and to give them a kind of "comeback". To tell their stories, to bring their benefits for skin and soul to the people! And today I am no longer alone in this. Over the past years I have observed how more and more people are interested in herbs and natural products in general. And this in different parts of the world. Here in Switzerland and also in Germany, there are more and more "herb witches", experts and enthusiasts. It is so nice to see how herbs have come back. Herbal walks, wild herb cuisine, herbal cosmetics, herbal medicines, teas & co. are increasingly being offered again. My kind of paradise :-)

frauenmantel schweizer krautAn absolute favourite: lady's mantle

The world of herbs is endless and there is so much to discover! I hope SHEA YEAH gives you some inspiration and motivation to dive into this world by yourself... weather with a herbal hike, a fine herbal tea or simply by using our water-free natural cosmetic products with herbs from Switzerland and shea butter from Ghana.

Have fun with the herbs!



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