Shea Body Butter Guide

Shea Body Butter Guide

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Have you already tried many care products for a natural and simple body care, but not yet found your favourite? Then I hope you'll find it here 😉. I was also looking for a long time, so I did it myself. I wanted: 100% natural, fun to use, long-lasting care and a beautiful, well wait, the most beautiful skin feeling.

Yes, as different as we are as people, so are our needs. While some people use the same skin care product for different things, others prefer a product for a specific application. For example, for the care of a tattoo, the hands or a baby bump.

Ideas for using the Body Butter Allrounder

As a beauty brand founder, I love beauty products more than anything, but I clearly belong to the "more comfortable kind of person" (yes, true 😉). Meaning, I love to use 1 product for everything. And that's exactly what you can do with SHEA YEAH body butters! Here are a few ideas:

  • For the care of dry, flaky, brittle skin.
  • For mature and sensitive skin
  • As a cold protection cream in winter (hello athletes & adventurers)
  • For hand care
  • For foot care
  • For calluses
  • For shaving in the shower
  • For massage
  • For the care and moisturising of tattoos
  • For care during pregnancy (belly, breast, buttocks, legs)
  • As a hair mask and leave-in conditioner
  • As hair tip care
  • For dry, flaky scalp
  • and much more!

allrounder shea body butter

How to use the body butter

1. Take a small amount out of the jar and melt it in the palms of your hands. 2.

2. Apply to damp skin whenever possible.

As the body butters contain no water, they are highly concentrated and particularly economical to use. Just a fingertip is enough to care for one arm.

By the way, I highly recommend this article to you: ❤️. It tells you a lot about your body's own protection against dehydration of the skin. Super exciting!


Proven basic recipe with plant power

All three shea body butters are based on a tried and tested "basic formula". I developed this together with experts from a renowned pharmacy in Zurich and near Cologne. The main ingredients are:

  • Unrefined organic shea butter from the north of Ghana
  • Cold pressed organic almond oil & grape seed oil
  • Swiss organic herbal extracts

Wherever possible, we use organic cold pressed oils that are full of vitamins and skin nourishing properties. And the unrefined shea butter we always use comes from the women's cooperative in northern Ghana, West Africa.

shea body butter mit orangenduft

Personalised for your skin needs

Depending on the focus of the application, the herbs used, the fragrance and special active ingredients differ. The body butters have different names, so don't let that put you off. You can use them all as "normal body butter".

Body Butter orange scent

Swiss herb: marigold
Fragrance: essential oil of sweet orange
Special ingredient: sea buckthorn pulp oil

Body Butter without scent (Belly Butter)

Swiss herb: lady's mantle
Fragrance: unscented, natural fragrance unrefined shea butter
Special ingredient: Rosehip (Wild Rose)

Body Butter lavender scent (Tattoo Balm)

Swiss herb: wild mallow
Scent: essential lavender oil (real lavender)
Special ingredient: aloe vera extract

Can you tell me what you use your body butter for? I am curious! Again and again I receive interesting messages from customers about how they use the body butter. One customer raved about how she uses the butter to care for her gemstones 😉

Enjoy buttering your skin!




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